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Simulate visitor interaction

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How to make your WordPress blog 100 times faster in 5 minutes

Everyone wants their blog to be popular. Really popular. The first problem is of course to become really popular. It’s not an easy thing to do. The second problem comes in if you become too popular. Showing all those blog posts will soon bring your web server to its knees. But fear not, dear WordPress […]

Summer boosts ice cream sales and uptime monitoring

Summer is finally here. Ice cream sales are, of course, skyrocketing. Strangely enough, so is the demand for uptime monitoring. Most IT-related businesses slow down during the summer period. Not ours. If anything, we have noticed a trend that even more companies are eager to add uptime monitoring of their servers and websites during this […]

Why every webmaster needs to remember Murphy’s Law

You all know Mr. Murphy. He’s the man who gave his name to the infamous Murphy’s Law, the one that states that “if anything can go wrong, it will.” Murphy’s Law is behind 99% of all downtime on the internet. Why? Because assumptions are made every day that invite disaster. Leave a window of opportunity […]

A new revolution in web surfing coming soon

You know how it is when you have something really great you want to share with the world. You’re bursting to tell everyone. That’s us right now. We have something we want to tell you. Believe us, we really want to tell you. But we can’t. It’s still a secret. Oh, ok, just a little […]

Downtime numbers for 10 featured TechCrunch web startups

This survey shows the downtime in minutes for Fatsecret, CozmoTV, Sonopia, Fotowoosh, LeapTag, Zwinky, Writewith, Kyte, Visible Path and ScratchYourself over the last month and half. Having good availability is important to any website, and even more so to web applications and other online services. After all, their users access them solely over the web. […]

Analyzing websites with Pingdom Tools

Once you have deployed your website on the internet, you will want to make sure it works well and acts as you intended. You may also want to look at other, similar websites, to see how they have solved the challenges you yourself face with your own website. This is where the Full Page Test […]

404 in Google

The HTTP status code 404 means that a web page could not be found on the server. This is normally a bad thing. No webmaster wants to see this when accessing his/her own website. So, considering we are in the uptime business, trying to banish as many of these 404 messages as we possibly can […]

Pingdom Tools reveals slow ads

After noticing that his blog was slowed down by some advertising scripts he had put in, blogger Abdylas Tynyshov (a.k.a. Ades) used Pingdom Tools to test how different advertising scripts affected the load time of his blog. Testing websites like this is one of the main reasons why we created the Full Page Test in […]

Thank you for the stress test, Digg

The Pingdom Tools Full Page Test was on the front page of Digg yesterday. Even though we of course wanted the word out, this was a little more than we expected. It actually turned out to be a great stress test. We were getting more than 10,000 web page test requests per hour, which is […]

Public uptime statistics with Pingdom

Pingdom customers can now easily display their uptime statistics to the public. With just a few clicks you select what you want to show, and Pingdom automatically creates a public report page for you. You will then have a URL you can link to, hosted by Pingdom, with your uptime history always available. Why use […]

Pingdom synonymous with uptime?, the largest source for IT news in Sweden, published an article today with the title (translated) “Pingdom could become synonymous with uptime.” The article mentions how Pingdom is increasingly being used as a source for uptime data in various international IT magazines and websites. The analogy they use is how has become famous […]

Theoretical vs real-world speed limit of Ping

Ping is the favorite tool of network administrators for testing connectivity and response time over networks, but is there a limit to how fast response times can get? Of course there is. The answer is c. Ultimately response time over a network is limited by the speed of light. In a vacuum, light travels with […]

Add Pingdom Tools to your website

You may have noticed the latest addition to the Pingdom website: Pingdom Tools, a set of free utilities for webmasters. The first available tool tests the load time of a web page including all its objects such as images, scripts, etc. You can see the size, load time and type of every single object on […]

Pingdom writing for .net magazine

Sam Nurmi is at it again. After having articles published in Vitamin and Center Networks, Pingdom’s CEO now has an article (see picture) featured in the Web Pro section of issue 164 of the very well-respected .net magazine. Issue 164 of .net magazine goes on sale today (May 29). Go grab a copy. It’s a […]

Pingdom WordPress plugin available

Elliott Bäck has created a really cool Pingdom plugin for WordPress. The plugin displays your uptime for the last 30 days directly in your blog’s sidebar. From the announcement: WP Pingdom brings the power of Pingdom’s automatic site monitoring to your WordPress blog, allowing you to include your uptime statistics on your blog in textual […]

Reddit twice as fast as Digg

Netscape, Digg and Reddit have “social news voting” in common, but their actual website design is quite different. We decided to take a closer look at their websites using the Full Page Test in Pingdom Tools. Site Load time Size Objects Images 2.3 seconds 438.2 KB 105 94 2.2 seconds 271.3 KB 76 […]

Pingdom Tools – The webmaster’s new best friend

Now you can finally find out why a website loads so slowly. Is it that huge banner, or because the site is using more than 300 images? Pingdom Tools is meant to be a great set of utilities for webmasters and other curious web dwellers. First out is the Full Page Test, a tool for […]

Digg, Slashdot, Netscape fight for 100% uptime

This three-week uptime survey of 11 social bookmarking sites shows 100% uptime for Digg, Fark, Slashdot and Netscape. Other sites are less fortunate. Digg and are at the forefront of social media and web 2.0, but they are far from alone. They have plenty of competing services, and these social bookmarking sites are getting […]

Yahoo Search website trouble

We recently reported that Yahoo’s main website ( has had no downtime at all in 2007. The website appears to be rock solid, and has built up an impressive uptime streak. Early this morning, however, the Yahoo Search website ( had trouble. The website was unavailable for 1 hour and 36 minutes starting at 06:46 […]

ServePath using Pingdom uptime data

In their latest newsletter, dedicated server hosting company ServePath used data from Pingdom GIGRIB to show that even large, super-established websites have downtime. Above: Part of the ServePath newsletter. The list was taken from our April post with downtime numbers for the Alexa top 20 websites. We actually posted a new, updated list last Tuesday. […]

Why You Should Monitor Your E-Commerce and How to Start

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site With Pingdom Real User Monitoring

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SolarWinds THWACKcamp 2022: A Decade of Learning

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2021 Pingdom Web Performance Year in Review

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How to Measure Uptime SLOs Using Pingdom and Nobl9

Do you find yourself asking, “What should our first service-level objective ( [...]

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