The importance of uptime to a web startup

Sam Nurmi, Pingdom’s founder and CEO, has written an article for Center Networks about the importance of uptime to web startups. It goes into detail about how downtime will affect your users, and in what ways it could end up costing you both growth and money, as well as put a serious dent in your […]

Nine out of ten switch to a competitor if your website is down

The web hosting company 1&1 asked 1,600 UK consumers (via survey company about their reactions to slow or broken websites, with some very interesting results. For example, nine out of ten people would switch to a competitor’s website if a company’s website fails to load. The survey results also show that consumers are generally […]

Web downtime statistics for April 2007

This month we continue our unique survey of website downtime on the internet. We have used data from Pingdom GIGRIB to calculate the average website downtime in April (based on over 2,000 sites). We have also estimated the downtime of the web as a whole. The average website downtime The average website downtime in April […]

Pingdom buttons for your website

Several of our customers have asked us for “monitored by Pingdom” buttons. Your wish is our command. We have now created a couple of small banners (or buttons) that you can add to your website to show that you are using Pingdom uptime monitoring. It’s one way to show your visitors that you take uptime […]

Blazingly fast report pages are here

As we reported just over two weeks ago, we were having some problems with slow report pages in the Pingdom control panel. (Lately we have been growing faster than we ever expected.) This problem has been resolved and the report pages are now very fast and responsive. We have optimized our databases and our report […]

Videos showing how to get started with Pingdom uptime monitoring

If you’re curious about what it takes to get started with Pingdom uptime monitoring, look no further. We have added three short instruction videos to the Pingdom website. Why short? Because getting started with Pingdom takes no more than five minutes from start to finish, including the sign-up. The videos show you the sign-up process, […]

There is no “in the middle of the night” on the web

One of the best things about the web is that it’s global, but this can also be a great challenge for webmasters. When you want to do maintenance on your website, you have to keep in mind that it’s always daytime somewhere. As the saying goes, the web never sleeps. Let’s take an example. 2 […]

Top 20 DNS server map shows US internet dominance

The US has long held a dominating position in the web hosting industry. One way to examine this is to look at which DNS servers hold the most domain names. It turns out that 16 of the 20 largest DNS servers in the world are located in the US. Aside from the US, only Germany […]

Faster report pages are on the way

We are growing fast. It’s pretty safe to say that we are growing faster than any other uptime monitoring company in the world. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this has a side-effect: The huge increase in users has made our report pages (especially the monthly report pages) slower than they should […]

Ubuntu website unable to handle demand for new version

The Ubuntu website has been unresponsive most of the day so far. This coincides with the highly anticipated release of the new Ubuntu 7.04 (April 19). It seems that Ubuntu has underestimated the demand for the new version. Traffic should increase even more as day time in USA arrives and even more people try accessing […]

Wikipedia uptime improving in 2007

Wikipedia is on a roll. After a sometimes rocky uptime record in 2006, the online encyclopedia has only collected a total of 2 hours and 33 minutes of downtime so far in 2007. Wikipedia is the 8th most popular website on the internet according to Alexa. Judging by its immense growth in traffic it looks […]

Four million days of website downtime in March 2007

In March 2007 there were 51.3 million active websites according to Netcraft. The average downtime for a website in March was 1 hour and 59 minutes, based on a selection of over 2,000 websites monitored by Pingdom GIGRIB. If you put those two numbers together, you get a pretty amazing figure. Those 51.3 million websites […]

News on the net – Oily servers and iPhones

Here are some recent interesting tidbits from around the web. They cover everything from servers submerged in oil (hopefully not for frying purposes), to MySpace drama and web 2.0 speculation. And of course Google had to show up. Don’t they always? Data Center Knowledge: Bathtub computing enters server halls Servers in oil sounds like something […]

FedEx still faster than the internet

When you need to transfer very large amounts of data over the internet, sooner or later you will hit a limit where it will actually be faster to send that data on disks over regular mail (often called sneakernet). Internet transfer rates are simply not enough for large data sets. Imagine a company with two […]

Domain name price increase worth $186 million to Verisign

Verisign, the company that manages the .com TLD, has finally announced the first of their 7% price increases on .com domain names. On October 15, the price for a .com domain name will increase from $6 to $6.42. Their contract with ICANN allows Verisign four such price increases over six years. This will be the […]

Create an irresistible free trial for your web app

Sam Nurmi, our CEO, has written a feature article for the highly respected web industry magazine Vitamin titled Create an irresistible free trial for your app. If you’re about to create a trial option for your web service, or you have a free trial that isn’t performing as well as you’d like, this is definitely […]

Downtime in 2007 for the 20 most popular websites

These are the 20 most popular websites in the United States, according to Alexa. In other words, they have tons of visitor traffic. How are they holding up under that pressure? Here you can see the downtime so far in 2007 for each of these 20 websites, as measured by GIGRIB. Downtime in 2007 for […]

Multisensor – multibogus

Ok… We confess. The great new Pingdom multisensor device that could monitor home and office environments for smell, motion, sound, light, and so on, was not real. It was our humble contribution to April Fool’s Day. There, we said it. Image: Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? The cool part is that all technology necessary to […]

Meet the revolutionary electronic watchdog with seven senses

A revolutionary new multisensor device will make it possible to monitor smell, motion, temperature, humidity, light and sound, all at once. Be prepared to take home monitoring to a whole new level with this electronic watchdog. Image: Front of the Pingdom multisensor device. Are you worried about what is going on at home or at […]