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Everybody loves a fast site. We’ve made setting up your page speed monitoring equally so.

Simple setup

Simply enter your web page’s URL and select a testing region and that’s it: Pingdom will test your page load speed every 30 minutes

Performance metrics at a glance

Understand your page’s overall load time, number of requests, size and how it ranks according to Yslow’s performance matrix

Go as granular as you need

Analyze in minute detail the performance of every single element through waterfall charts that detail everything you need to streamline your most crucial web pages

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Complete insight into how your web page performs

Knowing how your quickly your page loads once is not enough. With Pingdom, continuously track your website’s performance through tests that are done under optimal conditions. Understand how all elements, including HTML, CSS, Javascript and images, perform in relation to each other.

Pingdom is a crucial part of our monitoring set up. I highly recommended it to any company that requires immediate notification when something isn’t right.

Zee M Kane, CEO at The Next Web

Identify performance bottlenecks

View file sizes, load times, and other details about every single element of a web page and identify what content type is slowing you down and how to improve your test score.

Examine the impact of your changes

Comprehensive visualizations help you understand how the changes you’ve made affect your page’s performance.

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Identify trends

See whether changes to your website have had the intended effect with historical data and use these insights to know how to further improve your website.


Performance grades

Comprehend how your page performs at a glance with aggregated performance grades, summarizing the results of every test performed.

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Filmstrip & Timeline metrics

Filmstrip screenshots capture the elements present on the site every 500ms for the duration it took to load the complete page.

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