Summer brings 18% increase in website downtime

Pingdom web uptime surveyIt looks like summer is taking its toll on general website stability around the world.

Average monthly website downtime


March	119 minutes
April	120 minutes
May	115 minutes
June	139 minutes

As you can see, there is a significant downtime increase in June. Compared to the average of the previous three months (118 minutes), June adds 21 minutes of extra downtime. That is an increase by almost 18%. Could it be that the summer holiday is having an effect?

Vacation times = more downtime?

Considering that summer is when a lot of people go on holiday, including technical staff, it’s possible that there simply aren’t as many qualified people around to solve problems when they arise. And when problems don’t get fixed, or get fixed poorly, you get more downtime. Less available staff can also increase the time it takes to respond to a problem.

We look forward to seeing the average downtime figures for July and August. If this theory holds, downtime will go back to hover around the two-hour mark by fall.

About the survey

Data source: The average website downtime is calculated from a set of more than 2,000 websites monitored by Pingdom GIGRIB.

Read more: Downtime report for March. Downtime report for April. The March report has more details about how the statistics are calculated.

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