Teleportation: Why Star Trek will kill FedEx

We have previously shown that for transferring large amounts of data, overnight delivery by FedEx is faster than using the internet. However, FedEx may be getting some serious competition in the near future: teleportation.

It sounds very Star Trek, but scientists are working hard to make it a reality, and the results would apparently be transferred with lasers. Fiber optics, anyone?

Just imagine if it does work. FedEx would have a fit, and the companies that control the world’s fiber optics networks would have a field day. All of a sudden, the roles would be switched. Could the internet service providers suddenly steal FedEx’s business?

Aside from putting FedEx out of business, what would the consequences be if teleporting became a reality? We thought about it and a few things came to our (admittedly geeky) minds…



    • Home delivery just got a whole lot easier. “If we haven’t beamed over your pizza in 5 minutes, it’s free!”


    • Don’t bother transferring data at all. Just beam a whole computer over. Instantaneous results!





    • Possible permanent disintegration. That sounds bad. Don’t try this with your pets.


    • Imagine sending off 200 terabyte of company data and poof, network error…



Ok, silliness aside, all these quirky quantum mechanics ideas thrown around by various scientists are starting to make teleportation sound rather plausible. However, considering that they are only talking about beaming over a few atoms so far, Star Trek-style teleporting may be a bit much to hope for. At least for now.

It would be pretty cool to get sushi beamed over directly from Japan, though… 🙂

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