Pingdom Year in Review 2015

In 2015 the interest for web performance and availability soared to new heights. To celebrate our love for the internet we’d like to share some interesting numbers.

Pingdom Year in Review 2015

We pulled some interesting stats from the vast number of data we have, and for instance, here is what a web page looked like in 2015.

This is the average web page in 2015

  • Load time: 5 seconds
  • Page size: 3 MB
  • Number of images: 42
  • Number of JavaScripts: 21
  • Number of Requests: 89


Please head over to the website and check out all the numbers we’ve collected. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

A big thank you to each and everyone for joining in to make the web faster and more reliable. We are very excited about 2016, we have plenty of cool things lined up for you.

Happy holidays!


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