First Firefox extension from Pingdom

Sometimes websites don’t respond or have other problems. We got tired of missing cool articles and websites for this reason, and then not remembering to revisit them later. That is why we created a Firefox extension that will tell you when a broken website is working again.


The problem:

There is an annoying problem that everyone surfing on the web will experience over and over again: The website you want to go to doesn’t respond or gives an error.

Websites can have database problems and other server issues, or network problems that can make them completely inaccessible. They can be temporarily overwhelmed by large amounts of traffic from for example social bookmarking sites like Digg or Slashdot.

Usually the problem is just temporary, but a lot of people leave that website behind and never return, perhaps missing out on a great service or article.

Or imagine if a website you really depend on stops working. Are you going to keep checking and checking all day if it is back up and running? How much time will that waste?

The solution:

What if you could just press a button and then be alerted when that website is working again?

This is exactly what Mr Uptime allows you to do.

Mr Uptime is a Firefox extension that lets you monitor a website that is unreachable or is having other problems. As soon as the website is working properly again, Mr Uptime will let you know. In other words, never miss a website again.

You can either ask Mr Uptime to let you know when the website responds again, or when a specific error message on the page disappears.

To install Mr Uptime or just find out more, go to the Mr Uptime project page.

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