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Meet the revolutionary electronic watchdog with seven senses

A revolutionary new multisensor device will make it possible to monitor smell, motion, temperature, humidity, light and sound, all at once. Be prepared to take home monitoring to a whole new level with this electronic watchdog. Image: Front of the Pingdom multisensor device. Are you worried about what is going on at home or at […]

Lawsuits and downtime – The Registerfly saga continues

The Registerfly saga continues, and if possible just turned even uglier. Frustrated Registerfly customers are suing both Registerfly and ICANN. The website isn’t exactly performing great either, with over 20 hours of downtime in February and almost 10 hours so far in March according to GIGRIB. You can find the full GIGRIB uptime report […]

Spring time, sunshine, and a thawing Pingdom HQ

The sun has been shining on us this week, and we’re not speaking in metaphors here. Spring time has reared its head, thawing the Swedish Pingdom HQ. It looks like winter is finally over. (But those words will probably make it start snowing again…) Image: Yes, it is impossible to take a picture in Sweden […]

Pingdom checks reach Earth’s orbit

We decided to see exactly how many checks are being performed every hour by the Pingdom monitoring network. The result is clear: Our servers are busy little bees. Our network of servers performs 100,000 checks every hour. That is 2.4 million checks per day. To give those numbers give some perspective, if you placed 100,000 […]

Skype, AdBrite and more are using Pingdom

It’s no secret that things are going well for us. Pingdom keeps growing and new customers keep coming in. There are a lot of very interesting companies putting our uptime monitoring services to good use. For example, we think it’s pretty cool that Skype is one of our customers. There are plenty of other exciting […]

Ubuntu website down this weekend

The Ubuntu website was unavailable for more than four hours straight this weekend according to GIGRIB. If this had something to do with website maintenance or just an overwhelming demand for the new Ubuntu 7.04 Beta they released last Friday we don’t know. What we do know is that in just one day, Ubuntu has […]

No shutdown for Shutdown Day

The much-talked-about Shutdown Day took place this Saturday (March 24). As you might remember, last week we added the Shutdown Day website to GIGRIB to see if they, in the name of consistency, would also shut down their own website during that day. … And the answer is, ironically, NOT. Their website was up and […]

Will Shutdown Day shut down?

Shutdown Day encourages everyone to shut down and live without their computers for one day. The day of reckoning is this Saturday, March 24. Now, if they are really serious about this turning-off-computers deal they should shut down their own site as well… Right? We’ve added to Pingdom GIGRIB to see if the website […]

Linux still topping downtime league in 2007

These are the downtimes so far in 2007 for the websites of some of the more famous OS developers, namely Microsoft, Apple, Sun, FreeBSD, Red Hat and Ubuntu. (URLs link to the downtime report pages for the websites.) Website Downtime 3h 32 min 2h 40 min 1h 56 min 1h 28 […]

Calculating lost exposure and income due to website downtime

Whenever a website goes down it loses exposure. Downtime is always bad, but for some a little bit of lost exposure now and then doesn’t matter all that much. For others it can be a very expensive affair, for example websites that get their income from advertising. The effect of lost exposure is relative to […]

IDG collaborates with Pingdom for large-scale web hosting award

Working together with Pingdom, Swedish IDG magazine Internetworld performed an exhaustive test of 15 Swedish web hosting companies. The test is the basis for selecting the Swedish web hosting company of the year and is a highly popular recurring Internetworld event. The results are always widely discussed both inside the hosting industry as well as […]

Google Search in the United States could run over USB (sort of)

That Google is dominating the search industry is not exactly news. According to Nielsen/Netratings there were approximately 3 billion searches made in the U.S. on in December 2006. Though traffic estimates should always be taken with a grain of salt, we decided to make some simplified calculations based on this to see how much […]

Robotic swordfighting makes you go wii

Nintendo’s Wii gaming console that was released a couple of months ago came with a new unique controller, the Wiimote. It includes a motion sensor so games are controlled by moving the actual controller. You’ve probably already seen or heard about it. But why play with videogames when you can play with robots? Big robots. […]

Servers consuming as much power as color TVs

There has been a lot of discussion the last couple of years about how power costs have become a major expense for data centers. The latest entry in the debate comes from an AMD-sponsored report by Jonathan Koomey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. According to the report, power for servers and their cooling equipment […]

Popular website survey redux

It’s been a week since we published our website infrastructure survey (covering TechCrunch, FeedBurner, iStockPhoto, YouSendIt, Meebo, Vimeo and Alexaholic). The survey has been in the news over at WebProNews, InfoWorld, Internetworld (Swedish IDG), PHP Magazine, as well as a very large number of blogs (CenterNetworks, Ensight, CrunchNotes, TheOpenForce, just to name a few). We’re […]

ASCII art generator

We stumbled on a geeky but nifty little Web application that converts images to ASCII art, the ASCII-O-Matic. Being geeks ourselves, of course we couldn’t resist seeing what it would do to our logo… 🙂

DNS root server geography facts

The DNS root servers, the backbone for handling all domain name queries on the Internet, used to all be located in North America. Not anymore. Thanks to the anycast technology used by six of the root server adresses, the actual locations of the servers have been spread all over the world and their numbers increased […]

Pinging the hotlist

No, we’re not monitoring the uptime of the hotlist… We’re in it. Our survey about the software and technology behind seven of the Web’s most popular sites turned out to be quite a hit. In spite of being released just this Monday it’s already been mentioned in lots of articles and blogs. This morning […]

What the Web’s most popular sites are running on

With its Web 2.0 focus it is easily one of the most popular blogs out there. Linked to by over 15,400 other blogs according to Technorati makes it the 5th most popular blog on the Web. Technorati also has 151,000 feed subscribers according to Feedburner. FeedBurner provides RSS feed management for bloggers and other […]

Fun and graceful downtime – YouTube leads by example

When your website goes down, whether it’s for planned or unplanned (read: panicky) maintenance, you definitely want to have some kind of temporary landing page. If visitors are just met by a browser error message that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. A company that has repeatedly provided everyone with great, and very amusing, maintenance pages is […]

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