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Pingdom explorations

David Rydell from Pingdom has just spent two days at the SIME conference to follow up on the latest trends and the future of the Internet. From the SIME homepage: SIME (Scandinavian Interactive Media Event) is not about visions and dreams but focuses on how Internet and the evolving digital environment changes the world we […]

Mash-ups easily (s)mashed

The term “mash-up” goes hand in hand with Web 2.0. It refers to a website that combines content from several different sources and mashes it up into something new. Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and many others are providing access to their data through Web service APIs. The upside is obvious. Being able to pull in […]

Torrent listing sites buckling under pressure

Mininova, one of the largest torrent listing sites (for BitTorrent clients) may be a victim of its own popularity. The website has had recurring performance problems, likely due to a very high number of visitors. This month alone they have already clocked 23 hours and 11 minutes of downtime. The low point was in August, […]

YouTube downtime revealed

YouTube has around 20 million unique visitors every month, and thousands of blogs and websites link to YouTube videos. They serve more than 100 million videos per day, and more than 65,000 videos are uploaded daily. As a small metric of how popular YouTube has become in little over a year, according to Alexa data, […]

Pingdom Web Service API

Pingdom has opened up the gates for programmer creativity. No matter how many features we or anyone else have, there will always be something that at least one user wants that isn’t there. There will always be special needs. We decided that we didn’t want to limit any of our customers, and have therefore given […]

Pingdom toolbox coming soon

There’s a Pingdom toolbox coming up. It is focused on providing public information about domain names and web servers all over the Internet. The intention is for this to be a general set of tools for researching the Internet and we will provide it for free. The first version of this toolbox is coming in […]

Pinging the Press

The press has started to take notice of how useful GIGRIB is to find out facts about network outages and website problems. Back when GIGRIB was under the Ipwalk umbrella, GIGRIB was already being used by several members of the press to get facts about site outages, for example the extensive AllofMP3s site problems, to […]

Online banking vs. website uptime

A small community website isn’t critical. If it is unavailable a couple of hours now and then, it may be inconvenient and perhaps frustrating, but certainly not something that will cause its visitors any significant problems. Now take online banking… That definitely counts as critical. If the website is down, the “online bank office” is […]

Uptime for the 20 most popular websites

According to, these 20 websites are the most popular in the United States. Popular means a lot of visitors. A lot of visitors means a lot of strain on web servers and bandwidth. How are they performing in the face of this onslaught of visitors? This is the answer, at least so far in […]

Pingdom help-o-matic

We would like to point out some recently added features in the Pingdom control panel. They all fall under the category: HELP! Instruction videos Unsure of how to add a check to monitor a website? Don’t know how to add a contact person? Just watch our instruction videos, easily accessible on the start page when […]

Pingdom affiliate affection

Pingdom now has an affiliate program. If you have a website, why not earn some extra money by offering Pingdom to your visitors? We think you will find our terms more than generous. You receive 50% of the price the customer pays for signing up, and you even get paid for people who only sign […]

Pingdom in 76 countries

Our aim has always been to be a global service, and as of this writing, Pingdom has customers in a massive 76 countries. The top countries are USA, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. As with so many other markets, USA has the largest share. Sweden’s high position on the list is explained by the […]

Surf a site – see its uptime

One of the guys here at Pingdom has made a bookmarklet that allows you to see the uptime history for the website you are visiting. How do you do this? Just make sure your favorites/bookmarks toolbar is visible, then drag and drop Uptime for this site to it. After that you only need to click […]

Pingdom reviewed by Paul Stamatiou

Technorati top 100 blog has posted an in-depth review of Pingdom. It’s a well-written article with a lot of good points, but our favorite part has got to be this: It’s not every day you find a service like the Sweden-based Pingdom. Pingdom provides an excellent service with a great interface. Go read the […]

Downtime 2.0: Availability list of the top Web 2.0 sites

We were looking through Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List and realized we probably had a good share of these sites monitored by GIGRIB. (For those who don’t know, the sites on Seth’s list are the biggest Web 2.0 sites around.) Here are their results for October, including links to the uptime report pages. […]

Storm warning: Is your IT department ready?

Last weekend we had a storm warning go out over basically all of Sweden. It was going to be the worst storm in recent years, but in the end it faded out into quite an anti-climax. That, however, got us thinking of how a few simple measures can normally spare most companies from the consequences […]

A Royal report: Winter in the Pingdom

Winter has arrived. We got our first snow today. Image: Pingdom HQ November 1. Put this in contrast with what things looked like back in September. Have a look at our current weather situation and pity us. If we one day migrate to Silicon Valley, we hardly need to motivate why…

New Pingdom GIGRIB website goes live

Great news today! The new Pingdom GIGRIB website finally went live on Apart from the new, shiny design, courtesy of our eminent web designer, you will notice a few other changes from when the website was located at Brand new GIGRIB now offers you 10 free checks instead of 5. Creating a user […]

ICQ broken. Users can’t send links.

ICQ users are currently unable to send any links over ICQ. (This may not be uptime-related, but it was so interesting we wrote about it anyway.) This is a message from my colleague’s ICQ, and I never got the link: Seems it’s a huge problem that has been going on all day: Please ICQ […]

Free love

No, not that kind of love. This isn’t the 60’s. We are talking about the love shown for our free 30-day trial. When we launched it last week we knew it would be popular, but the response has been overwhelming. A big thank you for all the positive feedback we have received. We are feeling […]

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