Summer boosts ice cream sales and uptime monitoring

Pingdom SummerSummer is finally here. Ice cream sales are, of course, skyrocketing. Strangely enough, so is the demand for uptime monitoring.

Most IT-related businesses slow down during the summer period. Not ours. If anything, we have noticed a trend that even more companies are eager to add uptime monitoring of their servers and websites during this period.

It could have something to do with the weather. Who doesn’t prefer being out in the sun instead of cooped up indoors? This is where we come in, and why our business really doesn’t depend much on the season. By letting us monitor their servers and websites, these companies can be alerted via SMS if anything goes wrong, so they stay on top of things even away from the office. This is of course invaluable in vacation times.

Our summer motto is: More sun to server administrators and webmasters!

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