Website load time analyzer used over half a million times

Pingdom’s new web application designed to pinpoint the cause of slow-loading websites has proved so popular that it has already been used half a million times despite being quietly released less than two months ago. It has also been featured in large tech and web 2.0 blogs such as Mashable and Ajaxian.

Making website load times as fast as possible is important because slow websites scare visitors away. The problem is that it can be a difficult task to find out exactly why a website is slow, and this is where the Full Page Test from Pingdom comes in handy.

Though not the first tool to measure website load times, we have taken it one step further, providing a lot of detailed information all presented with a responsive and visually pleasing AJAX interface.

The Full Page Test is part of Pingdom Tools, a free set of tools for webmasters. A few helpful instructions for those who wish to explore the various ways the tool can be used can be found in the short article Analyzing Websites with Pingdom Tools.

Since the test is not performed from your local computer, but from a server out on the internet (in Dallas, USA), the Full Page Test can also act as an alternative to asking a friend over your instant messenger if he is also having problems accessing a certain website.

Finally, let us say that we truly appreciate all the positive feedback we have received. Thank you. And just so you know, we are not done with it yet. Pingdom Tools will only keep getting better and better. 🙂

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