Smart service, smart customers

We take uptime very seriously, and so do our customers.

Why? Because on the Internet, you can’t take anything for granted. There are just too many factors affecting website and service availability. There will be a problem, the questions is only when, and how companies react to resolve it. In other words, any company just trusting that everything will work fine is playing a risky gamble, and sooner or later they will lose.

Smart players
Our customers know that this is not a gamble they should be taking. Instead, they are market leaders that have taken serious measures to provide a reliable service. These measures start with using reliable data centers and Internet connections, powerful servers, qualified staff, extending all the way out to monitoring of their carefully prepared environment. This is where Pingdom comes in. Uptime monitoring is a smart, proactive measure that alerts you of problems the minute they appear, assuring that if there is a problem, it will be as short as possible.

Pingdom customers
Image: This is a small sample of some of our customers: Crazy Egg, 1&1 Internet,, Axis Communications AB, Mosso, FeedBurner, uk2, Eniro, wikiHow, Alexa Internet,, Techdirt, 456 Berea St., and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Not just for techies
Pingdom isn’t just for techies, either. We have noticed a trend that VPs, CEOs and other members of management have signed up for our service to arm themselves with an overview of their company’s availability online.

Watching both from the inside and the outside
It’s common for companies to complement their internal server monitoring with Pingdom’s external monitoring, for a complete view of their systems. Pingdom accesses services from the Internet, just like real users do.

Pingdom’s powerful monitoring solution meets the demands of both large and small companies. Our focus is on simplicity and ease of use, hiding unnecessary complexity from our users.

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