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Imagine that you run an online store (or perhaps you don’t have to imagine). Customers are pouring in and you are able to sell your merchandise 24/7, always open and always available.

Then imagine that your order form stops working. The website works fine, but no one can place an order successfully. You are losing money by the minute, and you won’t even notice until much later when you realize that no orders are coming in. In the meantime you have lost both sales, clients and goodwill.

So if you could monitor the ordering process on your website, that would be a Good Thing, right? We here at Pingdom think so, too, so we will soon release a transaction monitor that will allow you to monitor order forms, contact forms, and basically any sequence of actions you as a user can perform on a website.

061128 transaction monitor

What on Earth is a transaction monitor?
A transaction monitor basically mimics user actions. When you set it up you record these actions yourself, and the check will then “play back” these actions. Once set up, the transaction monitor will automatically keep performing your recorded sequence of actions on your website (for example entering a test order every five minutes). You can get an email or SMS directly to your cell phone right away when Pingdom detects a problem.

Just like all other Pingdom checks, once you have set up the transaction monitor, you never have to touch it again. And just like everything else from Pingdom, it will be very easy to use, robust, and have more value for money than anything our competitors provide. Our dedicated development team is working hard to bring you the best, and the up-coming transaction monitor is no exception. And we never forget that beautiful word: Simplicity.

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