Prepare for the holiday shopaholics

Christmas will soon be here. Offices will be empty, with most people being at home, eating generous amounts of food and relaxing.

But… Hold on… If everyone is at home, who is looking after your website and servers? With the office potentially being empty for several days, a crashed website would be a pretty lousy Christmas present, especially if you don’t find out until after the holiday. It gets even worse if you run an online store.

The Web never closes

$32 billion worth of online Christmas shopping
According to Jupiter Research, holiday e-commerce is projected to reach $32 billion this year, an 18 percent increase over last year. According to the same survey, 114 million shopaholics from all over the Internet are scrambling to get gifts for friends and family (and themselves). Imagine your e-store disappearing from the Web for hours or even days during the busiest season of the year. Not only that, once people have their purchases safely at home, they may want to access your website for information and support. If they can’t, you could be losing a customer.

Don’t panic
You really don’t have to spend all of Christmas in the office. Go home, relax, be with your family, and let us watch your website. We’ll let you know if anything goes wrong. Just keep your cell phone around so you can receive our alerts.

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