Banner design contest winner announced!

Do you remember the banner design contest we announced a while ago? The person who could create the Pingdom banner we liked the most would receive $200 and be displayed on CSS Mania. We got a really good response, and now the results are finally in…

And the winner is…
After going through all the submitted banners, we finally selected a winner. The winning banner was created by Anders Linander. He kindly agreed to make a few very minor modifications according to our wishes and this is the end result:

061219 banner winner
Image: The winning banner by Anders Linander, followed by the three runners-up by, from left to right, Magnus Handberg, Michael Fontana and Milan Pavlovic.

Congratulations Anders! You have won $200 and your Pingdom banner will be on display at CSS Mania.

Thank you to all who participated!
At first we had planned on showing all banner submissions, but since some of them contain stock photos and other material that we do not have the rights to use, we have slightly “downgraded” that plan to a list of the people who submitted their contributions to the banner design contest. (Some submitted just one banner, others a lot of them.)

  • Johan Tell
  • Alin
  • Milan Pavlovic
  • Sunipeyk
  • Carl Rosekilly
  • Joe Jackson
  • Wayne Menard
  • Magnus Handberg
  • Michael Fontana
  • Jens Sandelin
  • Ward Larson
  • David Lilljebjörn
  • Mike Speero
  • Hakan Kamci
  • Jan Václav
  • Tomasz Ronda
  • Energizerrabbit
  • Anders Linander
  • James Unsworth

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