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David Rydell from Pingdom has just spent two days at the SIME conference to follow up on the latest trends and the future of the Internet.


From the SIME homepage:

SIME (Scandinavian Interactive Media Event) is not about visions and dreams but focuses on how Internet and the evolving digital environment changes the world we live in, both for us as individuals as well as for companies and the societies we live in.

A small sample of the speakers at this year’s event:

  • Martin Varsavy, founder of FON.
  • Loic Le Meur, Executive VP of Six Apart.
  • Tariq Krim, founder of Netvibes.
  • Philip Schindler, head of Google Northern Europe.
  • Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist.

Popular topics included the future impact of wireless technologies, mobile applications, social networks and social media. A recurring theme was the enormous potential of China, which leads us too…

Shanghai, China
Sam Nurmi, our CEO, has spent this week in Shanghai to evaluate the Chinese market and business climate, make new connections, and learn more about what is sure to become the largest nation on the Internet in the not-too-distant future.


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