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Should we have a separate Twitter account for customer service?

pingdom customer serviceWe take customer service very seriously at Pingdom. If you need to get in touch with us, for whatever reason, you can do so via phone, email, chat, and social media. We’ve even made it easy for you by collecting all service and support information in one place.

Twitter is one of the channels we use for support. In fact quite a number of messages to our Twitter account @pingdom are really support issues. Now we ask ourselves, and you, if we should set up a separate Twitter account just for support?

Displaying Pingdom website monitoring data on a Klipfolio dashboard

dashboardBy monitoring your websites and servers with Pingdom, you can be the first to know if something is not working. That way, you can fix whatever is wrong before anyone else notices.

Getting an alert via email, SMS, Twitter or mobile app if something does go wrong is of course very helpful. But displaying the status of your websites on a dashboard can sometimes be a great complement.

How we use Trello to produce our blog

Trello_logoAt any given time, we have several people within Pingdom working on blog posts for the Royal Pingdom blog. Add to the mix that everyone has busy schedules with other tasks, the work on the blog is a melting pot made for scheduling problems and conflicts.

What keeps us sane and on track is a clever online project management service you may have heard of called Trello. Here is a description of how we use it, perhaps it can help you out as well.

Hong Kong increases lead in Internet speed league, now up to 63.6 Mbps

broadband speed pingdomAs the first country ever to break through the 60 Mbps Internet speed barrier, Hong Kong has, according to the latest figures from Akamai, increased its lead over its closest rivals.

Now enjoying an average peak connection speed of 63.6 Mbps, people in Hong Kong should be saying to themselves, “wow, that’s fast.” Especially when you consider that the world average peak connection speed is 18.4 Mbps.

DOS, fax boards, and more from the Computer Chronicles archive

computer chroniclesHosted by Stewart Cheifet, the tech-focused television program Computer Chronicles ran from 1983 to 2002. For many, it was the place to go to for the latest news, help with technology, and much more.

We browsed the archive of the Computer Chronicles, kept available by the Internet Archive and came up with these nuggets of tech history from the 1980s and 1990s.

Remember, some of this may seem a bit silly today, but back then it was state of the art.

In the eyes of Google, how long is too long in website downtime?

website downtimeIt may not be something you lay awake at night thinking about, but what if your website would happen to be down for one or a few minutes, would Google then penalize you for that?

Since we all worry about what Google thinks about our sites so that we can appear as favorably in its services as possible, hearing straight from Google would be worth a lot, and now we have.

Powerful command line tools for network administrators

command line pingdomWhen it comes to taking care of our networking infrastructure here at Pingdom, the DevOps team works with a wide range of hardware and software tools.

With this article, we want to give you some suggestions for command line tools and utilities that are a common part of our toolbox. We have tried to make a varied selection so that there is hopefully something in here that you find useful in your daily admin work.

Cloud storage shoot-out 2013 – performance and reliability

cloud storage pingdomAre you storing your files in the cloud? If you are, which cloud storage service are you using? Storing files in the cloud is convenient, but it means you want fast and reliable access to your information at any given time. And if the service is unavailable or your Internet connection is messing up you are in a pickle.

Last year we investigated the reliability and performance of four popular cloud storage services: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. We repeated the same study a year later. Read on to find out what the situation is like in 2013.

Report from Velocity day 2

thumb-day2Day two of the Velocity conference in Santa Clara is over and before we head to get some shut-eye we’ll give you an update of the day. It certainly was packed from early morning with interesting and exciting sessions.

Although we tried to take in as much of the presentations as possible we also spent time in the exhibit area as well as in the hallways to talk to colleagues, partners, and others. Arguably much of the value you get from attending Velocity comes from the time you spend in between sessions. Now, let’s have a look at what happened today.

World downtime map

world downtime mapWe all know that things happen on the Internet and sites go down for all kinds of reasons. If something would happen to your site you should, of course, monitor it so you are the first to know of any issues. Just as you have backup and antivirus in place for your computer, you should have monitoring in place for your websites.

To give you an idea of how the Internet is feeling right now, we created this animated map of the world. It shows all the outages we have detected in the last hour (on a rolling basis). That means that whenever you visit the page it will show you the outages we’ve detected in the past our, so it’s always giving you an up-to-date view of what’s been happening around the world as we see it.

Pingdom BeepManager beta available exclusively at Velocity

beep-150x150Today we’re announcing the immediate and exclusive availability of the beta version of our brand new alert system called BeepManager to participants at the Velocity conference. The BeepManager represents another important step on our quest to make the web faster and more reliable.

We completely overhauled the alert system in our monitoring services and created something very modern and flexible. With the new BeepManager you can manage and track incidents, set a currently On-duty Schedule as well as a planned Maintenance Schedule. Incidents can automatically escalate following an Alert Policy, and users can assign, reassign, acknowledge, and complete tasks.

Report from Velocity day 1

day1-thumbDay one of the Velocity conference in Santa Clara is over and we’ve had a great day. From arriving this morning to finishing up the sessions in the afternoon, it was full speed ahead with web performance and ops.

We’ve rarely seen such a high concentration of web geeks in one place, and even though the wifi was shaky to say the least, we had a great time. Here’s a brief report from the first day of Velocity.

You’ve been notified – Pingdom sets the course for Velocity

velocity-150x150Pingdom is again packing its bags and heading to the annual Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, California. It’s a place where the core of our industry meets up to share experience and knowledge, and debate how we best solve the issues facing us all.

Velocity for us is very much about exploring and finding out the most interesting things when and where you least expect it. This includes presentations and tutorials, the always-rewarding hallway track, and everything in between.

How to gear up for DreamHack

dreamhack pingdomDreamHack is a big event by any measure and some Pingdom geeks will be at the next one starting this Saturday June 15.  How about almost 21k participants in 2011, 12,000 devices connected to the LAN, and 120Gbps Internet connection?

DreamHack is a LAN party, concert, digital arts festival, and more, all rolled into one, and you need to be properly prepared to take advantage of everything on offer. After exhaustive research in the Pingdom HQ and beyond we’ve compiled a list of our suggestions for the must-have essentials for DreamHack besides the computer, of course. The clothes, computer accessories and more you just shouldn’t be without.

How we use ZFS to back up 5TB of MySQL data every day

zfs pingdomWe collect a lot of data every day. In 2012, our monitoring system registered almost 65 million downtimes, we stored 106 billion monitoring results, and we handled other types of data for 300,000+ customers.

Something we’re now using for a small part of all the data we process and store each day is ZFS and its snapshot feature. So far it’s proven to be a reliable, fast, and flexible solution, and we think this is something you also would want to consider for your infrastructure.

1960s computer ads created by the real Mad Men

computer-ads-iconThe world of computing was very different back in the 1960s. For one, there were not that many computers around. The Digital computer census for April 1962 tallied only “14,000 installations of digital computers” in the U.S. So the computers were few but they certainly weren’t small, as you can see in these computer ads from around 50 years ago.

Having looked at hundreds of ads working on this article, we can’t help but feel that the computer industry back then really could have used Don Draper and his Mad Men (and women). At least some of these ads would probably have turned out quite differently if Don was involved. What do you think?

Pingdom participates in first Web Performance Meetup in Stockholm

born to hackAt Pingdom we love the web and our quest is to make it faster and more reliable. This is something we want to share with others and yesterday this passion took us to the first Web Performance Meetup in Stockholm.

It was a great evening with presentations about the worst performing websites in Sweden, Real User Monitoring (RUM), and more. We already look forward to the next meetup, and here’s a quick roundup of what happened yesterday.

Investigate an outage with Root Cause Analysis

world-internetImagine this scenario: You have just received an alert that your site is down and you log in to your Pingdom account to figure out what’s up (or down, in most cases). There you can see that your site is still down, and you now need to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Fear not, because that’s where the Root Cause Analysis comes in. It offers a set of diagnostic tools, which can help you figure out what caused an outage. In this article, we show you where you can find the Root Cause Analysis, and how to use it.

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