Should we have a separate Twitter account for customer service?


  1. Definitely. I always think companies should have a few accounts (depending on what they do). Big companies such as 4sq, yourselves, etc, should have two – the main one (for news, info, downtime, etc), and the support one.
    Companies such as web hosts, I think, should have three accounts at least – one for general news, info, etc, one for support, and one for status updates – eg, “server 3 is down. ETA 10 mins”.
    Further to that, I think separating that even further would be a good idea – for example – a company like MediaTemple could do @mtstatus_shared, @mtstatus_vps, etc.
    The way I see it is that I’d rather pick what I want to see, rather than have it all forced on me.
    One company that comes to mind which I hate, is Namecheap. They have a Twitter account which normally posts any news or info, but for some reason they run competitions off it too, which I have no interest in – they usually have a series of questions lasting up to a week. I really do not want to see that, and I wish they’d run it off a seperate account. I don’t follow them anymore which is a shame as I’d still like to see what they post sometimes.

  2. I never understood why people ask questions by tweeting – it’s much easier to explain in an e-mail, support ticket or live chat (IRC and the likes) when you don’t have to keep it under 160 (?) characters.
    I like Trillian’s support system. Much like a ticket system, but all tickets are public by default (and searchable), so it’s a lot like a forum but not quite. The customer can of course make it private if he is sharing sensitive data with the staff.

    1. @Steen Schütt Thanks for the comment. Twitter has its obvious limitations, but it can also be a very fast way to communicate.

  3. Pros and cons are there. I guess the crucial factors will be how convenient will customers find a separate account and how frequent will customer need to contact support on main account. For example, if customers will need to contact support on main account for every other issue then having a separate account is just going to be an administrative burden. Some kind of survey can be done to evaluate user preferences.


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