Pingdom announces Real User Monitoring service (press release)

Västerås, Sweden — April 11, 2013 — Pingdom, a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring, announced today the release of its Real User Monitoring service. With the new service, website owners will know exactly how real visitors experience their website. The performance data that is collected from all visitors to a website is visualized into easy-to-understand graphs and summaries. This makes the data easy to analyze, and the website owner can see how it relates to browsers, platforms and even countries — all in real-time.

Real User Monitoring has been around for some time, but you either had to set up your own complex solution, or buy a costly existing service. Pingdom is making this service easy to set up and available immediately for all 300,000+ customers.

“Real User Monitoring is the perfect compliment to our existing monitoring and it is definitely the future in terms of website performance monitoring,” said Sam Nurmi, CEO and founder of Pingdom. “Real User Monitoring is the only way to see how every single visitor is experiencing a website. This service is paramount when you want to make improvements to your website’s performance.”

Not only is Real User Monitoring ideal for monitoring your websites to make sure visitors and customers are happy. It’s also a great way to measure all your internal web services and dashboards too see that your staff can be productive and isn’t affected by performance issues.

Key features and benefits

  • Geographical performance – Is one particular part of the world more important to your business? You’ll know how speed of a website compare between countries.
  • Real-time visits – See individual page loads as they happen. Get answers where visitors come from, which browser and platform they use, and how fast the page loads.
  • Performance trends – Spot trends in load time, did a peak in load time coincided with a peak in visitors?
  • Are visitors happy or frustrated? – An overview of visitors’ satisfaction. What is considered satisfactory, tolerated and frustrating to your visitors?

All Pingdom customers can log in and start using the new service right now. To learn more about Real User Monitoring and get your own free Pingdom account visit the Pingdom Real User Monitoring page at

About Pingdom

Pingdom is a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring services. Pingdom is monitoring websites and servers from multiple locations on the Internet to ensure the best reliability and accuracy possible. The company is growing fast and has hundreds of thousands of customers in over 200 countries, ranging from individuals to large international corporations. For more information, visit


To learn more about this product, or Pingdom, please contact:
Magnus Nystedt, Press contact, Pingdom
Phone: +46-76-3119719
Skype: mnystedt
Download this press release: Pingdom announces Real User Monitoring (release) [PDF]

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