Press release: Pingdom announces new advanced feature for website transaction monitoring

Västerås, Sweden ― January 14, 2013 ― Pingdom, a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring services, today announced the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, a new type of website monitoring check. With the new check type, Pingdom customers can define multi-step actions that should be performed on their website, such as searching or filling out a form. A web browser then performs these actions at a regular interval, just like a real user, to make sure that important functions on their site are working, and that they’re working fast.

“Today, the web is a key revenue driver for many companies. For websites to be commercially successful, complex user interactions must be working,” said Sam Nurmi, founder and CEO of Pingdom. “So instead of focusing on pageviews we built a monitoring feature that can test shopping carts, login scenarios, contact forms, and similar multi-step interactions.”

Hundreds of thousands of Pingdom customers worldwide are already checking the uptime and performance of their websites using the company’s services. The advanced new Transaction Monitor feature is now available to all these customers just like any other test type that Pingdom offers, without any additional cost.

Pingdom customers can try out the new feature by logging in to using their Pingdom account and create a new check. It’s also possible for anyone to try out the new editor for creating Transaction Monitor checks on, where this new feature is also further explained.

About Pingdom

Pingdom is a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring services, monitoring websites and servers from multiple locations on the Internet to ensure the best reliability and accuracy possible. The company is growing fast and has hundreds of thousands of customers in over 200 countries, ranging from individuals to large international corporations. For more information, visit

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