No shutdown for Shutdown Day

The much-talked-about Shutdown Day took place this Saturday (March 24). As you might remember, last week we added the Shutdown Day website to GIGRIB to see if they, in the name of consistency, would also shut down their own website during that day.

… And the answer is, ironically, NOT. Their website was up and running the whole time. No shutdown anywhere in sight.

No shutdown of the Shutdown Day website, as measured by GIGRIB
Image: Screenshot from the GIGRIB report page for

Shutdown Day was an interesting idea, though. Some people really do spend way too much time in front of their screens. We wish we could proudly claim that we didn’t even glance at our computers that whole day, but the truth is that we left both computers and servers running as usual. Somehow we think our customers wouldn’t be very happy with us if we shut down…

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