Firefox user? Save $120 and get FREE uptime monitoring

If you sign up for Pingdom uptime monitoring using a Firefox browser you will get a whole year for free (saving you $119.40). The offer is valid until Saturday. Sounds interesting? Visit the Pingdom sign-up page! (You don’t need a credit card.)

We are celebrating the successful release of our Mr Uptime Firefox extension by offering one year of Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service for FREE to all Firefox users. The normal cost is $119.40.

This is also a way for us to promote Firefox some more. Firefox is the default browser around the Pingdom offices and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pingdom Firefox campaign
Above: Images taken from the Pingdom sign-up page.

All you webmasters out there: If you’re not already using Firefox, now might be a good time to start. 😉

What’s the deal?

No commitment and no credit card necessary. Just sign up for free.

What do I get?
  • Monitor uptime and response time of 5 websites, servers or services
  • 20 free SMS alerts
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • 1-minute monitoring resolution at no extra cost
  • Monitoring from multiple locations around the world.
  • Uptime and response time statistics

And a whole lot more… 🙂

Go sign up!

P.S. We have set a limit of 1,000 accounts, so it’s first come, first served!

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