Everyone at Pingdom loves the internet

You order everything from pizza to a cab on a whim. It helps friends, family, and colleagues connect from opposite side of the globe. You can book your travels, listen to music, and dive into an endless source of knowledge.

Just have a look at what’s available!


Unique Titles on Netflix

Netflix digital library is large enough to stream one unique title after another for about 6.5 years.


Wikipedia articles added monthly

That’s around 700 new articles every day. Help keep Wikipedia free by donating a few bucks.

2.1 Billion

Posts on Instagram monthly

That’s a lot of photos of food and coffee! There are more than 200 million photos tagged #selfie.

60 Million

Uber rides monthly

If you combine all Uber trips taken in the past 5 years, the total distance is a round trip to Saturn.

30 Million

Available songs on Spotify

Millions of songs added monthly, and also a reported 4 million songs that’s never been played.

But the Internet breaks often

The Internet is a fragile entity, and websites today are increasingly more complex and rely on many critical parts. So stuff can – and will – break.

Let’s have a look at some numbers from Pingdom.

273 Billion

Tests performed in 2015

A quarter of billion tests on website all over the world discovered 154 million outages – more than 400,000 every day. Ouch!

7.7 Billion

Minutes of downtime

Don’t know what to do during the downtime? It’s enough time to watch all content on Netflix – more than 4,000 times.

340 Billion

Minutes of uptime

Enough time for 12,937 round trips with a space shuttle to Pluto. Wolfram Alpha was bursting at the seams with this one.




Let's build a better Internet together

We know you love the Internet as much as we do, and we can all continuously improve and optimize our web pages and services. There are plenty of tools available for us to create a fantastic web.

Tips & Tools

Let's build a
better Internet

Run a Full Page Test

Measure your load time and discover what assets you should optimize with the Pingdom
Full Page Test.

Use a CDN Service

Serve your assets quicker by using a little help from a CDN like our friends over at Cloudflare.

Monitor Your Website

Monitor your website's uptime & performance. There is a great service called Pingdom.
*wink* *wink*

Compress Images

There are great compression services available online. Head over to TinyPNG & TinyJPG to trim some fat.

Minify JS & CSS

Compress your JavaScript & CSS by using some of the great tools available online. For best result, consider using Gzip as well.