Pingdom upgrades all plans – adds Real User Monitoring and more

We have posted an update!

We have not only launched our Real User Monitoring service today, we have also upgraded our plans in a way that will benefit Pingdom’s customers.

In addition, we added a brand new plan for customers that require more of everything. This upgrade will make your Pingdom account an even better resource in helping you make sure your website performs at its very best.

By adding many new possibilities to the services we already offer, these changes mean significant improvements for our customers.

We’ve added more to every plan

In addition to Real User Monitoring (RUM), which is included in every plan, we have also added more checks to our paid plans. We have done this because we believe that monitoring your website should not only be easy, you should also feel like you are getting even better value for your Pingdom subscription.

Most of our customers have already been moved onto one of our new plans. In some rare cases, where there is not a good match between old and new plans, customers will keep their current plan. They can then choose to upgrade manually at a later date.

If you have been transferred to a new plan, you don’t have to do anything but to log in to to take part of all the updates.

You can also Sign up – Pingdom and try out Real User Monitoring.

The new and improved plans

We have upgraded all our old plans as well introduced a brand new plan. Pricing remains the same, but the plans now include more checks and features. Here’s a summary of the key features in the new plans:


First of all, we have added a brand new plan called “Team.” This new plan is meant for customers that require more of everything. We’re taking this step in order to help customers with considerable website monitoring needs, who also require a greater degree of flexibility. Since the Team plan is brand new, none of our existing customers will automatically transfer into it. Some of the features in Team are:

  • Monitor 500 sites or transactions.
  • The possibility to buy additional checks.
  • Real User Monitoring for 50 different sites as a start, with a possibility of adding as many sites as you need.
  • The possibility of multi-user log in.
  • Check tags, making it possible to filter amongst all your checks.
  • Automatic tagging of every check.
  • The possibility of paying by invoice.


This is what all customers previously on the Business plan have been transferred to. Some of the features in Pro are:

  • Monitor up to 50 sites or transactions. (Compared to only 30 in the former Business plan).
  • Real User Monitoring for 5 different sites.


If you used to be on our Basic plan, this is the plan you have been transferred to. Some of the features in Personal are:

  • Monitor up to 10 sites or transactions. (Compared to only 5 in the former Basic plan).
  • Real User Monitoring for 1 site.


Of course we have kept our Free plan, which now has the same exciting addition as the other plans, including:

  • Monitor 1 site or transaction.
  • Real User Monitoring for 1 site.

Feedback and support

We hope all our customers will like the new features and all the possibilities they bring as much as we do.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at

We also welcome your feedback; we always love to hear from you.


  1. Wow, well these plans won’t work for us at all.  With 65 paid for checks, if our business or services expand we can’t monitor anything new.  Who thought a jump from 50 to 500 was a good idea?  What was so wrong with paying for extra checks if you needed them?  Put up the price of extra checks if you need to but to force us from spending ~$60 a month to $495 is pretty rough.  Yes, we’ve been grandfathered into a legacy plan, and I have no need for RUM, but we can never expand with Pingdom.I’ll do my best to stay with Pingdom as I love the service, but there is no way of justifying $500 a month for a small business. 
    It will be a sad day if we have to cancel.

    1. @RichardBenson Surely 500 must be a typo. Choosing only 50 checks or 500 checks reminds me of the US cable television pricing scheme that people despise so widely. You can’t get just what you need; you have to buy way more than you need.

      1. @downey  @RichardBenson It’s not a typo. Unfortunately. I was chatting with pingdom support and they seem to be pretty serious about this change. Currently, I am evaluating a competitor service. If you check Twitter and search for pingdom you’ll easily find out which one.

        1. @nswebcams  @downey Thanks for the tip, I did as you suggested and think I have found the same competitor.  Sad thing is, on the face of it, they provide a better service than Pingdom do, so even if the pricing scheme is reversed, I’ll probably switch.
          This exemplifies the stupidity of this announcement; I wasn’t looking at alternatives until today, now I’ve looked and seen what else there is, they’ve likely lost our business.  A real shame, I loved Pingdom and was even interviewed on this blog a few weeks ago.Seems like someone in management made this decision without thinking properly.  Directors looking to sell and cash out soon?

  2. Seriously? You’ve removed the ability to purchase individual checks?
    I don’t need 50 checks, I need about 15. I was happy to pay $9.95 plus whatever was required for the additional checks – still well within budget. But now if I want to add just one more than I already have, you force me to upgrade to the $39.95 plan with more than 3x what I require?
    Even worse if you need 51 checks … do you seriously expect people to jump from $39.95 to $495 just for that extra check?
    Being back the ability to purchase individual checks! It was a very short sighted move to remove that – you will lose customers over this!

    1. @simon5 Exactly, we’re using about 80 checks now and need a couple more in a few days. This hit us by surprise. There is no way for us to upgrade from $60+ to $495. Whoever designed that plan structure didn’t think a bit.

  3. Not good value at all. I think I will pay for a $20 Linode VPS and write my own PHP script to replace 98% of the functionality I had with Pingdom … far better value for money than being forced to upgrade to the $39.95 plan just because I need just one or two checks above the 10 you now give for free. I was happy to pay for an addtional 10 checks to get me to 15, not happy to pay $30 extra and get more than 3x more checks than I need!

  4. This must be a bad joke, we are really shocked.
    Pingdom effectively killed you service for us without notice!
    We currently have 63 checks, and could need more any moment.
    But we we will not be able to add new checks to our account.
    I can not believe Pingdom did this without noticing use in advance, an NO switching to a 500$ Plan is not a solution.
    As said, I’m shocked, this is no exaggeration.

    1. @Stephank
      Exactly my thoughts, this is a HORRIBLE decision for people who may not need anywhere near 500 checks, but do need more than 50.  Having to go from $40 to $500 a month just to add one check is ridiculous.
      Pingdom will never see another dime from me (even if I do need 500 checks) again unless they fix this oversight (which I’m going to assume this was and give them the benefit of the doubt).

      1. @DanBarr2012  @Stephank Pingdoms pricing has always been poor. $10.00 for a base plan that simply checks if your sites are live is insane in itself, let alone its higher pricing tears. But this my friends is why competition exists. I switched over to verelo a few months back, and it does most of the same things. I still have my free pingdom checks, but won’t ever upgrade.

  5. The ability to add extra checks to all plans allowed for more granularity between plans. Without being able to add extra checks the plans lack flexibility. Looks like I’ll need to look for an alternative monitoring service.

  6. Why does it forget statistics after switching pages. Work in progress? By design? How can see yesterday’s statistics? Leave the browser open?

  7. Also..from what I can tell, the “pro” plan only seems to have 45 checks (unless my math skills are off). I’m on the pro plan (50 checks) and have 5 “extra” legacy checks (should be 55 checks in total, right?). However, I have 49 checks currently and it says I only have “1” available. I truly hope Pingdom is not going to back-peddle on this if it is indeed a mistake on your plan pages.

  8. I think I was wrong. Yesterday/today tab works fine, only realtime tab resets itself. My problem is solved.

  9. Insanely stupid. Now, it doesn’t hurt me personally since I’m still well below the 50 checks, but I can see how this is turning customers away from Pingdom. It’s a huge opening for anyone to take shares and the people behind this decision need to be fired. Stupid, stupid move.

  10. Thanks for all your comments. We’re currently working with our valued long-term customers that have been affected by the recent changes. If you feel that you are in the same situation, please contact us via We will put our best efforts into resolving this for you in the best possible way.

  11. Thanks for all your comments.
    We’re currently working with our valued long-term customers that have been affected by the recent changes.
    If you feel that you are in the same situation, please contact us via
    We will put our best efforts into resolving this for you in the best possible way.

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