Customer feedback is what make companies become really great

The best thing with customer feedback is that it make companies become really great. One example is what happened at Pingdom during the last 24 hours.

Yesterday we introduced a number of awesome improvements to make Pingdom an even better choice for all your website monitoring needs. This meant many upgrades and additions for our customers, including more checks in each plan, a brand new plan, and of course the exciting new Real User Monitoring (RUM) as a part of all plans. And this is just the start. We are a big team who plans new exciting stuff.

Essentially, every Pingdom customer got more in the new plans.

Those who had 5 checks previously now have 10, those with 30 checks have 50, etc. Add to that the brand new Real Monitoring service, included in every plan, which enables you to understand your website’s performance from all angles.

Feedback has been amazing. Clearly, our customers really appreciate all the cool stuff we have added to their plans. We have collected just a small sample:






Even though the overwhelming feedback has been great, clearly there are also a few customers who have voiced concerns that the changes are not suitable for them. The number one issue among this small group of customer is that the new plans changed how they could purchase extra checks.

Now we have completely reversed that change.

All paid accounts can now purchase extra checks, same as it used to be before yesterday’s change.

Sometimes you think that you did the right thing with the best of intentions. However, you soon realize, usually by customer feedback, that you did not. But we are a company that reacts and acts fast, and when we do wrong, we fix it fast. That is exactly how we’ve approached this situation.

We are very much a company shaped by customers, a customer-oriented company, and we have always been just that. At our core, we believe in innovation accounting and lean models, as well as in acting and reacting fast. In addition, we are also passionate SaaS users ourselves, including our own services. We believe in fair business models, and our intentions were good.


To finish off, here’s a summary of what’s happened:

  • Yesterday we made a small change affecting a few customers, we got some feedback about what wasn’t popular.

  • What we did: Reversed the situation concerning purchasing extra checks. All in less than 24 hour since we launched a line of new and exciting features to all our customers.

  • For all our customers, everything has become better: you got more checks, more features, and no change in price.

  • All paid accounts can now purchase extra checks, same as it used to be before yesterday’s change.

So things are good: more features, more stuff, same price. A good way to end the week!


  1. Thanks Pingdom, paid extra checks is important to me.
    I can hardly believe how well you responded to this. Any change of pricing will always have some people complaining, you can never please everyone. And you are entitled to feel very proud of the new RUM feature benefiting all your customers. So many companies would have left it at that. Yet you put any pride aside, listened clearly to your customers on this issue, and fixed it so quickly. Great response.

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