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Performance Monitoring Tools

Real user experience monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Deliver a higher quality web experience

Now you can know exactly how your visitors are experiencing your website. Our Real User Monitoring service gives you insight into performance and helps you answer questions like, how does your website really perform from a specific country or web browser.

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Easy to Use

You only need to install a small JavaScript snippet. From there on Pingdom will start collecting performance data.

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Richer Performance Data

Complete web pages including HTML, CSS, scripts, images, etc are loaded, giving you richer performance data.

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User Data

Analyze performance data and see the load process and how data relates to browser, platform and country.

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Performance data as it happens in real-time or selected time range. Display the average or the median of the data.

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Real-time & history

View performance trends

View trends to see any changes in load time that happened over time. For example, if a spike in load time coincided with a spike in the number of visitors and how it compares to previous load times. Also, see individual page loads as they happen on your website. Get answers to questions like, where do visitors come from, which browser they used, and most importantly how fast did the page load.

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Enhance web performance for important users

How does the speed of your website compare between the US and Sweden, for example? Maybe a particular part of the world is important to your business, but for some reason your site is really slow to access from there. Specify what performance levels are considered satisfactory, tolerated and frustrating for users. This lets you quickly see their overall level of satisfaction.

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