Pingdom Android app now available

Pingdom and AndroidYou’ve been asking for it, ladies and gentlemen, and now you have it: a Pingdom app for Android.

Just like our iPhone app, the Pingdom Android app is an excellent companion to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service. It lets you connect to your Pingdom account to view the status of the servers and websites you’re monitoring, and also supports alerts via push notifications.

The app is free, and works together with all types of Pingdom accounts (including free trial).

2013-12-05: We have released a brand new Android app.


The main point of the Pingdom service is that you should be the first to know when your site goes down. The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you can fix it. The Pingdom Android app makes it easy for you to be on top of things on the go.

  • Get alerts directly to your Android phone.
  • View the current status (up or down) of all your monitored sites.
  • View uptime and response time statistics for each site.
  • Customize the list of shown checks (each check monitors a site or server).
  • Get information about each check, such as its monitoring resolution, check type (HTTP, Ping, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, TCP port, etc.) and target (IP address or URL).

It might be worth pointing out that push notifications (a.k.a. cloud notifications) require Android 2.2 or later (because that’s when Google added a push notification service).


Screenshots from the Pingdom Android app

Try it out!

To use the Android app you first need to have a Pingdom account. You can learn more about our uptime monitoring service at, where you can also sign up for a free account.

And actually, you can even sign up for a free account from within the app if you want to. It’s that easy.

Be a happy webmaster, for free

Since the Pingdom Android app works with free accounts, and push notifications are free, you have a zero-cost monitoring solution for your website. Or as we like to put it:

Free monitoring + free Android app + free alerts = happy webmaster

We hope you like it!

And just in case you missed the link, here it is again: Pingdom for Android


  1. Thanks, works well on the Xoom. Would like to see it support landscape mode though, perhaps in the next release…

    Thanks again.

  2. downloaded on a htc legend, it doesn’t work.. says that the account data are not right (they are, i can access from web)

    the password uses chars like `<{:;%=@ plus letters and numbers

    could be a bug?

  3. 100% sure, i copied-pasted them from keepass, from the same password file…
    I’ve changed it and now works…
    If it can help, the old one was: 9dm;`:Kd%Nw=D<Sb7{U@iKj2

  4. hmm.. not working on my Motorala Dext either (android 1.5).
    on startup gives “sorry! the application Pingdom has stopped unexpectedly”

  5. Having problems similar to the one ivan reported. When logging onto the app I keep getting login credential errors but can log on fine to the website using exactly the same values.

  6. The first thing I thought was “Which account shall I use to login? Oh, how do I use multiple accounts?”

    Please consider adding support for multiple accounts in the app.



  7. I can’t download it form google play
    can you give me anthor url to download it or send it to my mail ra1nz[at]

  8. This app is good, but it needs alarm sounds rather than using the standard Android notification. I want to be able to switch off all notifications except Pingdom – so it’s the only thing that wakes me in the middle of the night.

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