Pingdom iPhone app updated

We recently released our new Pingdom iPhone application which lets you view the current status of your checks on your iPhone as well as view some of the configuration settings and statistics for the last 30 days.
Unfortunately there were some bugs in our first version of the application. We tried to fix the most important ones quickly, most notable a bug that made the application crash at certain times. This is version 1.1 that is available in the App Store right now.
We have now finished version 1.2 which contains some more fixes, such as:

  • Progress indicator when logging in and when loading data. Sometimes it can take a few seconds to log in since we have to load all the check information, the progress indicator will be displayed during this time to make it clear that the application hasn’t crashed but is loading data.
  • Checks that are paused in Pingdom are now being displayed with a paused icon in the iPhone application.
  • Checks that were just created in Pingdom was mistakenly displayed as down in the application until the first check was performed by our servers. They are now being displayed without an icon until the first status is received.
  • The keyboard layouts for the email and password inputs during sign in has been changed. The previous keyboards were missing some characters that are commonly used in passwords.

Version 1.2 is not yet available for download, but it was uploaded to the App Store some days ago and is currently marked as “In review” by Apple. Hopefully it should be approved any day now.
We hope that by this new release we have managed to fix all critical bugs and interface issues and can start to focus on adding more features instead. If you have found a bug or have any suggestions for features that you would like to see, let us know about it in the comments.
Here is the link to the Pingdom iPhone app at the App Store.


  1. The update is out now!
    Dear Pingdom AB,
    The status for the following application has changed to Ready for Sale.
    Application Name: Pingdom
    Application Version Number: 1.2
    Application SKU:
    To make changes to this application or any of its metadata, log in to iTunes Connect and click the Manage Your Applications module.
    If you have any questions regarding your application, click Contact Us.
    The iTunes Store Team

  2. Curious on the update plans. I’d love for the app to notify me of outages. Now that I’m on the iPhone, the email alerts are less effective due to lack of customization (specific alerts for pingdom emails for example). It would be great if the pingdom app could utilize push notifications 24/7 and allow for custom alerts To be frank, this is an app I’d be willing to pay for across my team.
    Great work on Pingdom, I’d love to see the iPhone app be as great as the pingdom service is.

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