How to mess with your sysadmin

We decided to play a little prank, putting this up next to the office exit. Some of the guys here at Pingdom are huge Linux fans, especially our main sysadmin. He’s supposed to go home for the evening soon. With this in place, he may not be leaving the office for weeks… 🙂

And for some reason the lights keeps going on and off…

How to mess with your sysadmin

We should point out that we do like Linux and use it extensively here at Pingdom. Our backend and monitoring servers run on Linux, and we use Linux on the desktop as well. (At the office, we have a mix of Windows, Linux and Mac workstations, each person choosing what OS he prefers to work with, what hardware he wants, etc.)


  1. Bah. Any Linux user worth his salt would have modified the prank’s design so that the labels would have been swapped and included comments as to what was changed. 😛

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