Website monitoring is for everyone

In order to achieve a faster and more reliable internet we’re making our uptime monitoring accessible to everyone for free. We are reintroducing our popular free plan meaning you’ll be able to automatically monitor your site’s availability every minute from all over with world. So should an incident occur—and incidents will happen—you will be the first to know and take action.

We believe that monitoring the availability of your website is for everyone, whether it be your online shopfront, your hobby blog, company page or even your personal portfolio. Monitoring your site’s uptime isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, and just one step towards ensuring that your site works and performs well for your visitors.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the free plan which includes:

  • 2 uptime checks
  • Email alerts
  • Pingdom reports
  • A public status page so you can share your uptime with everyone


Tell us what you think in the comment section or tweet at us @pingdom.


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