New monitoring package: Pingdom Business

Starting today, Pingdom has gone from offering one single package to offering two packages. The old Pingdom package is now called Pingdom Basic, and the new, more powerful package, is called Pingdom Business.

The price for Pingdom Basic is still $9.95 per month, while the price for Pingdom Business is $39.95 per month.

What does Pingdom Business offer?

    1. 200 SMS included when you sign up (instead of 20).
    2. Heavy discount on SMS alerts.
    3. 30 checks included (instead of 5).


In the near future we will also be adding several advanced features to the Pingdom Business package that will not be available in Pingdom Basic.

The two uptime monitoring packages from Pingdom

Who is it for?

Pingdom Business is meant to be an ideal account for companies with a need to monitor a large number of websites, servers or server uptime monitoring, and want to receive SMS alerts to multiple contacts (this is where the heavy discount on SMS comes in).

Good examples would be web hosting companies and other similar businesses that offer services on the internet.

How do I upgrade from Basic to Business?

If you want to upgrade your Basic account to a Business account, you can easily do this under “Upgrade account” in the Pingdom control panel.

The cost will be reduced depending on how much you have left of your Pingdom Basic subscription period, so you will not lose any money by upgrading. All your settings will remain the same (including the checks and contacts you have set up).

Questions or feedback?

If you have any questions or other feedback, please feel free to contact us. Pingdom can also help you monitoring your website.

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