Monitoring DNS servers with Pingdom

Learnhub logoWe’ve been offering the possibility to monitor DNS servers for a while. So we were glad to see an article about DNS services and Pingdom’s DNS check functionality done by John Philip Green, CTO of Savvica.
Savvica is a Pingdom customer and they are behind the popular social learning network Learnhub. Since Learnhub receives a high amount of traffic they are constantly looking into scaling and performance issues.

Monitoring DNS

Savvica had already created a Pingdom DNS check for their current DNS server which ran BIND hosted on Amazon EC2. By looking at the Pingdom data they could see that the time for DNS lookups varied greatly and decided to start looking for a third party DNS solution.
Using Pingdom’s DNS monitoring functionality they started to monitor a few selected DNS services to see the results and use as a guideline for selecting a new DNS hosting provider.
The results were a great help to Savvica in their selection of a new DNS hosting provider and it also shows how useful it is to monitor your DNS servers to see trends and evaluate how the DNS infrastructure affects your website’s visitors.
We highly recommend John’s article on how to compare hosted DNS providers since it contains interesting information for all website owners.
If you’re interested in starting to monitor your DNS server(s), take a look at our original post about the DNS monitoring possibilities that Pingdom offers.
If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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