Google availability differs greatly between countries

Google Search users in the United States are 10 times more likely to encounter a problem than users in Brazil, according to this unique one-year survey from Pingdom.

Google has a large number of localized versions of their Google Search homepage. We have monitored the uptime of Google Search for 32 different countries during a whole year to see how they perform when it comes to availability (uptime).

The website with the most downtime was the Swedish Google Search ( which was unavailable a total of 48 minutes. The website with the least downtime was the Brazilian Google Search ( which was only unavailable for a total of 3 minutes.

In other words, Google Search users in Sweden are 16 times more likely to encounter a problem than Google Search users in Brazil.

The American Google Search ( ended up in position 26 out of 32, with ten times more downtime than the Brazilian Google Search.

Downtime measured from September 1, 2006 to September 1, 2007
Country URL Downtime in minutes Uptime over a year
Brazil 3 99,999%
Netherlands 11 99,998%
India 12 99,998%
Thailand 13 99,997%
Japan 15 99,997%
Canada 16 99,997%
Mexico 16 99,997%
Egypt 16 99,997%
Chile 17 99,997%
France 19 99,996%
Greece 19 99,996%
United Arab Emirates 20 99,996%
United Kingdom 20 99,996%
Poland 20 99,996%
Argentina 21 99,996%
Hong Kong 22 99,996%
Spain 22 99,996%
Italy 22 99,996%
Belgium 22 99,996%
Switzerland 22 99,996%
Australia 26 99,995%
Romania 27 99,995%
Saudi Arabia 27 99,995%
Malaysia 28 99,995%
Germany 29 99,994%
United States 31 99,994%
China 34 99,993%
Israel 34 99,993%
Turkey 40 99,992%
Singapore 46 99,991%
Taiwan 46 99,991%
Sweden 48 99,991%

Source: The uptime monitoring service Pingdom.

The average downtime of these 32 websites is 23 minutes in a year.

It is interesting that several countries not traditionally associated with a good internet infrastructure ended up in top positions with very little downtime. Notable examples are Brazil, India, Thailand and Mexico.

Sweden on the other hand has a reputation for being one of the forerunners on the internet, so it is very surprising to find the Swedish Google Search at the bottom of the list.

Even though this survey contains some surprising results, none of the monitored websites passed below 99.99% uptime, which has to be considered extremely good, even for a company with the resources of Google.

We have contacted Google for a comment, but have not received a response as of this writing.

Excel file with Google Search downtime per country Excel file with the survey data.

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