Google Drive is finally live

Google DriveGoogle’s Dropbox competitor is finally here. At 09:30 am PST, we detected that the website went live.

The interwebs have been buzzing with talk about this for a long time. Some of the earliest mentions of this service go back to 2006, so Google Drive has been many years in the making.

The recent intensity of the buzzing made us set up monitoring to see if we could catch Google in the act, so to speak. And now we have.

We know that users get 5 GB of space on Google Drive for free, and can purchase extra space, as needed. The service integrates with Linux, Mac, and Windows, in much the same way as Dropbox does. There are mobile apps for Android and iOS (coming soon), and, of course, you need a Google account to use the service.

There’s so much more to explore about Google’s latest service, and we’re as excited to find out more as you are.


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