Today we wear blue hats celebrating web standards on Blue Beanie Day

Today is the 6th annual Blue Beanie Day and we join web fans from around the world in wearing blue hats. We first thought that we will all look like Smurfs in the Pingdom HQ today, but Smurfs (at least most of them) have white hats, not blue.

We at Pingdom want to make the web faster and more reliable, and working with web standards can certainly be a key part of accomplishing this. Pingdom wants to be a good web citizens and make sure our sites work and display correctly for as many users as possible.

The Blue Beanie Day is an international online event, started in support of web design standards and accessibility, following the publication in 2003 of the “Designing with web standards” book by Jeffrey Zeldman. On the cover of the book, Zeldman wore a blue beanie.

Since 2006, participants in Blue Beanie Day post photos of themselves wearing blue beanies (or some variety of blue hats or caps) to their online accounts, so we’re of course doing the same.

And of course we want to see you in a blue beanie today. Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #bbd12 or upload your pictures to the Blue Beanie Day 2012 pool on Flickr.

Now, let’s enjoy some photos from the Pingdom HQ showing the blue beanies at work.



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