Introducing Visitor Insights: a New, Unified Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

For every website, the ultimate goal is to provide a useful and intuitive experience for its visitors. This is even more crucial when the website in question is your e-commerce business or an online publisher with a huge international readership.

For ten years we have been providing site owners, engineers and marketers with the tools to make sure their websites are available and performing to the best of their ability.

The gap between having an amazing site from a technical perspective and having a site that your visitors love has persisted to this day. For many, it’s been a guessing game of making optimizations to their website in the hopes that it will offer their customers a better online experience.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Visitor Insights: our holistic digital experience monitoring tool that bridges the gap between site performance and customer satisfaction.

How can Visitor Insights help you?

Whether you have your own online business or a site that attracts thousands of visitors daily, Visitor Insights helps you identify in real-time:

  • how your site performs for actual visitors
  • whether changes you’ve made have degraded your site’s performance
  • which of your visitors this is affecting, and in what way
  • where to begin troubleshooting the problem

Visitor Insights also brings the most important metrics for your site, like the number of active sessions, load time and bounce rate for your pages in a single-view dashboard.

“It gives us the possibility to zoom in on a certain part of a platform to make sure we focus on the most important ‘win’.”

Arthur Engel, Technical Director at E-sites

What makes Visitor Insights unique?

When we set to developing Visitor Insights we wanted to build a product that set us apart from the other solutions available. Our focus was to build a product that delivers unparalleled digital experience monitoring, with a particular focus on:


Lots of data on your site visitors is great, but being able to get the information you need from it quickly is better. We built our Visitor Insights workflows so that you can see performance trends easily.

Unlike other solutions, our top-down approach to data means you don’t need to make sense of huge segments of data to see the trends in the bigger picture. 

“Our conclusion is that we need to look to into optimization of our mobile site and that we might want to deploy other server locations to improve our load time outside Sweden.”

Alex Fugah, CMO at Kids Brand Store


Visitor Insights delivers site performance data in real-time, whether that be for customers with just one URL or thousands. With the ability to group pages together, you can get instant insights into all of our URLs easily. We’ve also built in the unique ability to filter your data in virtually any view or dimension.

Try Visitor Insights today

What better way to understand what the hype is all about than trying it out for yourself. Visitor Insights is available on all migrated Pingdom accounts. Don’t have a Pingdom account?

Our plans start from just $9.95 per month and at prices that low, there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing your site in a whole new way: exactly as your visitors do.


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