Do Site Housekeeping in Peace with Pingdom Maintenance

Introducing MaintenanceWe’re happy to announce the release of Maintenance! With this, we’ve added the ability to pause your Uptime and Synthetic Transaction monitoring checks for when you need to take your site down for some TLC.

Available inside our dashboard My Pingdom, Maintenance allows you to pause groups or specific checks so if you only need to take parts of your website down for work, you won’t receive unnecessary alerts during that period.

You can set a maintenance window for any period of time from a few hours to several days, allowing you to work in peace!

Setting Up Maintenance is Easy

To schedule a maintenance period for all or some of your checks, simply click on the Maintenance tab in the left-hand menu in My Pingdom

Schedule maintenance windows from your dashboard

Click on Add maintenance and you’ll have the option to select a start and end date for when you’d like your monitoring to be paused. You can also select as many or as few checks you’d like to pause during your maintenance period. If you share your My Pingdom dashboards with others in your team, you can give a description of your maintenance period so you and your co-workers are all on the same page.

Select any time period, from a few hours to several days

Maintenance is available for all Pingdom customers using Simple Alerting on Advanced plans or higher. If you’re an existing customer and would like to make the most of maintenance windows for your uptime and synthetic transaction monitoring, migrate your account today or get in touch with us and we’ll take you through it.


  1. Hi, Can you please add a select all to the checkboxes? It is buggy and slow to have to check each one when you have 80 monitors.

  2. Can we get an option to set up reoccurring maintenance? We have daily work at specific times and having to enter these one at a time is no fun.

  3. Hi, I think will be very interesting add a feature that permit create a repetitive schedule for the maintenance tasks of every day. For instance, if a Company had a maintenance window from 01:00 AM to 03:00 AM every night, could be very useful for them configure once to allways.

  4. Plus 1 for the option to have recurring maintenance windows please. Even having an “every day” option would be great.

    I have a monitored server that has a long-running backup process which runs every night and causes some of my uptime checks to fail.

  5. Recurring scheduled maintenance would make this usable for my staff. Nice feature as is, but not really useful until made recurring.

  6. Our maintenance schedules are not deterministic. For us, it would be better for Pingdom to detect that we have put up the maintenance page (it’s static HTML that would be easy to detect/tag – we enable/disable this page at our internet ingress point). If, during a normal up/down scan, Pingdom detects the maintenance page is up, it starts logging time against “maintenance” rather than up/down time. This would dramatically reduce the amount of manual intervention to turn on/off our maintenance windows in Pingdom and would allow us to accurately track up, down, and maintenance times.

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