25 amazing people celebrated by Google


  1. I like the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. She is inspired by the natural beauty of Brazil and produces smooth, colorful, abstract work with her unique painting technique……and that would take care of the ‘no women’ thing 😛

  2. A woman should be in this list, not because it would be politically correct to do so, but because she deserves it.
    I hate it when people asks companies to be politically correct.
    One woman who deserves to be there is Marie Curie, french physicist and chemist, who worked on radioactivity and won a nobel prize, along with her husband.

  3. Good work. Maybe Mahatama Gandhi, Mother Teresa will be considered in the not too distant future. They also changed many lives. Cheers

  4. Georgia O’Keeffe would be a magnificent choice. She’s a famous and influential artist with an immediately recognizable visual style.
    Mary Shelley and Frankenstein would be great Hallowe’en theme
    Maya Lin, the architect
    Maria Callas, the opera singer and one of the most beautiful women of her time, or Marion Anderson (contralto who helped break the racial barriers in classical song)
    Martha Graham, the dancer
    Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross
    Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing practice
    Amelia Earhart
    All women of great statue who deserve recognition in their own right, not just for the sake of inclusion

  5. Including a woman for the sake of gender equality would be retarded and offensive, especially so to the many women who have achieved so much.
    There are many accomplished women artists/scientists/visionaries who merit inclusion, but let them be included on merit, not just for the sake of forced parity.
    Also, Google is a private company, they could put Goebbels on their logo if they wanted to (apologies to Godwin).

  6. I agree with D. Women should be included in this list for merit, not “just because she is women”
    I personnaly did not see these images on Google, but I think they appered without any explanations. So, the person should be very popular (in historical sense) – I meen you should remember who is it in a moment, just because logo is the style of that painter, for example.
    So the women should very popular too – I think only Mother Theresa might be recognized in moment. (Well, as for me, Maria Curie is a good choise too, but could I recognize her formulas? no…)
    And, well, Lord – Mahathma Gandi was men, not women 🙂

  7. I liked it. I really enjoy, especially, the themed-logo’s that Google designs. It’s very clever. Big ups to Google, a bunch of tech-savvy, open-minded hippie nerds who seem to be making the world a more interesting and better place!

  8. Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch and Chagall do not have enough talent to be on here. Ask any professional artist. They’re all basically products of their time, ESPECIALLY PICASSO. I think most people can grasp this easily, by objectively looking at their work. Lists like these continue to confuse people into believing their work is “good”. It’s not and it never was. Product of their time.
    [Having said that, I do like looking at Warhol, Van Gogh and Munch. I’m just trying to point out how stupid list’s like these are.]

  9. I would of added Gandhi but I’m pretty sure they have done that. Also, I would of done maybe louis armstrong for his fine work of jazz and music

  10. @d I so agree with you. This is offensive to the woman nature. I agree with you as well as valentina.

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