Welcoming Yosh Marklund to Pingdom – our brand new Systems Engineer

Yosh MarklundToday, we’ll spend just a few minutes introducing you to Yosh Marklund, who just joined the Pingdom team as Systems Engineer. He’ll be a part of the team that makes sure that Pingdom’s infrastructure is always up and running, including maintenance of computers and networking equipment, upgrades, and much more.

Yosh comes from Södertälje here in Sweden, but moved to Västerås, where the Pingdom HQ is located, to study computer science, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

A keen interest in computers and robotics was something Yosh developed early on. In fact, he built his first robot using the motherboard from a computer and servos from a couple of radio controlled planes.

Yosh’s interest in computers started at an early age when he got an IBM PC 286 in first grade, on which he learned BASIC. This fueled an interest for computers and electronics in general, and by the time he was in high school he was hosting websites and gaming servers on Debian based machines out of his parents’ garden shed. That later led to him working as a lab assistant during his studies at Mälardalen University.

The skills and knowledge that Yosh has acquired both at university as well as tinkering around on his own will now be put to good use at Pingdom. Looking at the photo you may think that all he’ll do is run Ethernet cables, but Yosh will, of course, be involved in many more things.

Looking for an exciting challenge? Join Pingdom!

Yosh is a great addition to the engineering team at Pingdom, but even as he’s settling in at his new position, there’s still room for many more super geeky, talented and fun people in our team.

Pingdom is on an extraordinary journey, with the mission of making uptime and performance monitoring even easier and more available to the entire world. We’re not exaggerating when we say that Pingdom is the place where you will be challenged to perform at a very high level, as well as given the opportunity to work on products that affect real people all over the world.

In other words, if you’re looking for new challenges, consider if Pingdom might be the place for you! Besides, you will have a choice of what crazy maxed out and packed computer you want to run – Linux, Mac, or Windows.

To find out more about the positions available, head over to our career site for all the details. It’s in Swedish as you might imagine.

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