The might of Justin Bieber gets between Twitter and Wikipedia

Justin BieberWe honestly never thought this day would come, when we would put a photo of Justin Bieber on our Royal Pingdom blog.

But it happened just now that we discovered, how should we put this, a bit of a conundrum, when doing a search with Google.

We discovered that Bieber gets right in between Twitter and Wikipedia, but not between Wikipedia and Twitter.

Confused? Let us explain.

For some reason – honestly, we can’t remember – we did a search for Twitter and Wikipedia with Google’s search engine. The number one result was the page on Wikipedia about Twitter, which makes sense.

But in second place was the Wikipedia page about Justin Bieber on Twitter, and only after that Wikipedia’s Twitter account.

So, curious as we are, we switched the search terms, so Wikipedia came before Twitter.

And voila, no Beiber!

Now is that star power or what?

We’re guessing that young Mr. Bieber’s enormous fan base, including 23 million Twitter followers, has something to do with this, driving traffic to the Wikipedia page about his Twitter account.

But even though we can see a logical explanation to this, it would still be interesting to get Google’s take on exactly what it is that puts Bieber in between Wikipedia and Twitter.

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