Test your website load time with one click

As you may know, in addition to our monitoring services, we have a free load time test for web pages. It has proven very popular, and recently we were contacted by a guy who had a smart suggestion: Please make a bookmarklet for it.

So we did. Simply drag the following link to your browser’s favorites/bookmarks toolbar, and you’ll have a button you can use to test and analyze the load time of any web page you are visiting:

Analyze load time

We hope you will find it useful!

If you haven’t checked out the load time test before, go ahead and do so. It will show you the load time of every element of a web page visually and has filters to help you analyze the results. It’s a good tool to track down for example performance bottlenecks of a slow-loading web page.

Pingdom full page test

(Thanks to Matt from Serverboy.net for the suggestion.)

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