Web hosting names that make you go “Huh?”

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there with unusual, strange, or just plain weird names (and URLs). We have collected some of the strangest ones in this post.

Some rather oddly names web hosts

The trashy
  • www.InternetTrash.com (From their website: “The only place for trashy, tasteless, useless, politically incorrect, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, waste of bandwidth homepages! Normal & ordinary homepages also welcome!”)
The insanely specialized
The religious
The hard to classify
Animals, animals, animals…

There seems to be a lot of love for the animal kingdom among web hosts.

The STDs
The extremely spacious


  • www.MegaGiga.com (Both mega AND giga? Ok, we get it, lots of space, right? But still less than…)
  • www.ExaBytes.com (The exa- prefix means 10^18, i.e. one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes. Not bad…)
The Simpson’s alternative


The healthy alternatives?
The tasty

Or should we have called this category “hungry hosting” instead?

Just add Bling?
Perhaps not the best choice of words

What’s in a name?

There are so many web hosting companies around that picking a truly different name could be an effective strategy to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Names that have that “strangeness factor” can often be really easy to remember as well.

Of the examples in this post, GoDaddy has to be the perfect example of a very successful company with a strange and easy-to-remember name. (But of course the name is not the only success factor… if it was that easy then everyone would do it.)

Did we miss your favorite?

As you can imagine, it’s more or less impossible to go through all the web hosting companies out there for a list like this, so if you feel we have missed a gem, please add it in the comments. There is also a thread over at Webhostingtalk.com which was the inspiration for this post.


  1. In all fairness to yupapa.com, it does mean something in Chinese. Yu I believe means water, but I cannot be sure because this is Cantonese.

  2. i used a place called “angryhosting.com” for a while – decent prices, and a great logo: >:|

    the hostmaster said it was a suggested name when he was searching for a domain name, and it had a certain ring to it…

  3. I used to use The Community Internet Access company (thecia.net), and (since I worked for the government) kept getting questions about whether I was working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

  4. “www.AmenWorld.com Their slogan actually is: “In web we trust” ”

    I’d have gone with “The Hosts of Heaven”

  5. 00server… well in some pat o Germany and France 00 stands for the loo (toilet, WC, whatever you call it). So does that mean, when you host with them your site is down the drains?

  6. Don’t forget PowWeb. They’re an ok web host, but I’m not sure what features they have that justifies the “pow” in the name.

    I thought maybe powwow or some indian name thing, who knows.

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