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Booth 615 is where it’s at

Where do you find the cream of the crop of developers and operations engineers that create sites, apps and services that are fast, scalable, resilient and highly available? At the Velocity conference in Santa Clara, U.S.A, of course. Three intense days devoted to web operations and performance awaits, starting tomorrow. Pingdom will be there. And we look forward to meet you. Welcome to fancy schmancy corner booth 615.

“We want to connect with DevOps and web performance professionals, introducing technologies and demo all products, including their integrations”, says Andreas Larsson, Head of Customer Service at Pingdom. “Besides inspiring conversations among our guests, there are t-shirts waiting for you at the booth. Among other cool stuff, just sayin’.”

Get to know the products better. And the people behind it all.

In the rapidly emerging Cloud era, complex technologies, along with dynamic infrastructure and application architectures, are creating new challenges in developing and managing the availability of business-critical applications. That’s why founders, engineers and experts from Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail join forces at the upcoming event. The trio constitutes SolarWinds Cloud – giving users a single pane of glass experience for visualizing and interpreting how application performance impacts end-user customer experience, key business metrics and the infrastructure as well as the records of log data generated by the application needed to troubleshoot problems.


Librato enables full-stack performance monitoring of infrastructure and applications on public clouds such as AWS and Heroku, or in a company’s own data centers using a rich set of OSS data collection agents and instrumentation libraries for a variety of technologies and languages such as StatsD, collectd, Rails, Ruby, Python, Node.js and Java. Librato also offers the unique ability to monitor and alert on unlimited metrics from hundreds of sources with second precision, correlate and analyze them to produce actionable results.

Papertrail enables IT Pros, DevOps and developers to quickly and easily collect, monitor, search, interpret and act on log data regardless of location whether on-premise, SaaS-based or in the Cloud, providing a simplified view into the rich log data generated by the infrastructure and applications.

We hope to see you at Velocity

Come by and say hi if you’re in town! Or ask us anything in the comments section below. Oh, and here’s some inspiration from the previous conference:

Joshua Marantz’s keynote from the 2014 Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, CA: “Top 10 Lessons Learned Building PageSpeed and trying to Make The Web Fast”.

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