Tech ain’t that hot on Google

We here at Pingdom LOVE technology, but for a while now we’ve had a nagging suspicion that regular people – the broad masses if you will – really couldn’t care less about tech, including Web tech.
A look at Google’s daily list of the top 100 hot search trends pretty much confirms that suspicion.
Over a ten-day period, only 8 out of 1,000 trending topics on Google were in any way tech related.
And arguably even less than that since we were pretty generous in deciding what passed for tech related. For example, Steve Wozniak showed up in the results one day, and we counted that even though his appearance probably had more to do with him being on Dancing with the Stars than anything related to his technical accomplishments.
Only ONE single pure tech term showed up in the ten days we checked: client server database. What is the world coming to? 🙂

Tech-related “hot” search trends we found

Here are the tech-related hot trends on Google that we could find for the ten days we checked (May 17-26):

  • Client server database
  • Go Daddy
  • Jimmy Wales
  • Data Domain (note: company name, not the term)
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Palm Pre
  • HPQ

Tech gets the cold shoulder in favor of… what?

That the average Web user couldn’t care less about tech is getting painfully clear. People obviously have other things on their minds. What, you may ask? Here are the hottest trends on Google for the period we checked, day by day (latest first):

  • Cop without a badge
  • Susan Boyle 2nd performance
  • Helio Castrovenes tax evasion
  • Will Barrow
  • Pearl Aday
  • (note: don’t visit that domain, it’s a phishing scam on Facebook)
  • How old is Rod Stewart
  • Established men
  • Dolla
  • Peanut butter smack

We’ll let that list speak for itself.
Now head over to Techmeme or something to seek some comfort… 😉
Note about the results: These results are based on daily trending topics on Google, not absolute search volume. I.e. what Google shows on its Hot Trends list are search queries that are gaining popularity rapidly. The results in this article are for USA.


  1. You’d never believe it, but client/server database being on the list wasn’t tech related either. A page which described a client/server database as a graphic sex act had ended up #1 in the Google SERPs, with the perverse language in the snippet.
    Its still there, if you care to see. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the following google link is probably NSFW:
    If they take it down I’ve got a screenshot, but its been up for at least a week.

  2. @George Huger: Aw, man. You’re totally right. That’s probably not safe for work, no. Funny how Google can baited like that…
    There’s a very funny discussion with some brilliant comments about the “client server database” SERP incident on Reddit (and again, a bit NSFW):
    Looks like our rant about Google search rankings last week wasn’t completely irrelevant:

    1. @Manuel: Better to quote it correctly, don’t you think, so it’s correctly represented and the warning is truly valid. It’s been plastered all over the Web already. We doubt that our readers have any trouble understanding our very plain warning.

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