Pingdom’s new office is coming together nicely (pictures)

The work on getting our brand new office ready continues at breakneck speed. We shared with you the progress back in November and now it’s time for an update.

We’ve been visiting the office on a weekly basis to keep an eye on what’s happening. Since the last time, the main development is that there is now carpet in most of the office as well as the dropped ceiling is in place. Basically, it’s all coming together.

What we’re probably most proud of, however, are the handles for the bathrooms. They stay lit in green until someone occupies the bathroom; then green turns to red. How clever is that?

Read on to find out what other cool stuff the new Pingdom office offers.

Started out empty

What you could see in the previous post about our new office was that the guts of it had been ripped out. Now it has been replaced by new materials, new furniture, and new fittings.

Carpet and ceiling installed

There’s now carpet installed throughout most of the office, and the dropped ceiling has been put in place. Here, you can see before and after shots of one of the offices.

We hope you agree that the office looks much nicer now with carpet and ceiling in place. In the next picture, you actually only see half the office. The other half is on the other side of the middle partition part over on the left.

Cables, cables, cables

As you would expect, there are so many cables, so, so many. Actually, there’s one guy working full-time just on the cabling.

Plugs galore

With lots of gadgets, of course we need power plugs. In this example, all these plugs are for copiers, faxes, printers, and more, that will sit on a bench in this part of the office.

Soothing sound

The office will be equipped with loudspeakers, organized in zones, pumping out both soothing and energizing music using a Sonos wireless HiFi system. We need something more than Red Bull to keep us awake at night.

Masterchef kitchen

The music from the speakers may nourish our minds, but we do also need to nourish our bodies. Now we will be able to do so in a Masterchef-style kitchen.

Steampunk, anyone?

We really hope we will never need it

Next step

We’re now on the finishing stretch of the refitting of the new office, and we see so much change every time we go. Our commitment to making uptime and performance monitoring even easier and more available to the entire world is stronger than ever and we look forward to moving in to our new digs.

As we see the office coming together we can also see how this can help us deliver better service to our customers, and with swelling ranks, we need the space.


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