Launching a Pingdom community

Over the years, we have seen a lively community around uptime and performance monitoring from Pingdom. Many of the thoughts and ideas from this community through blog post comments, Twitter, and previously User Voice interactions, have allowed us to grow and mature along with our users.

In a recent blog post we mentioned how we switched support system. To harness the energy and creativity of our users we’re now ready to launch our new community along with it. The community is a where our innovative users can learn, share, and collaborate.

As a user of this community you can expect:

  • Self-Service Support: Ask questions, share tips, tricks, and best practices. Collaborate with fellow, hands-on users.
  • Announcements: Be the first to learn about new product releases.
  • Product Development: Contribute and vote on product ideas that will further the Pingdom product suite. We are listening.
  • Interact: Pingdom developers, support staff and product owners are all part of the community and can answer a lot of questions.


In short, you can search for information, read and post about topics of interest, and learn from each other. Our community can be enjoyed here.

To participate you’ll have to sign in, if you’ve submitted a ticket to us you already have an account since the community is connected to our support system and and all you need to do is request a password. If you haven’t, just sign up and you’re good to go.

Even if you’re not all that interested in participating, you can follow posts and topics. This will allow updates on various Pingdom things to get sent right into your inbox whenever something new happens. A great way to stay up to date on our various products and current feature requests.

3 Pingdom_Help_follow

You can find all past and present activity under the aptly named My Activities option, and as a bonus this will also let you see all your tickets with Pingdom support and their status.

2 Pingdom_Help _Activites

Once you decide to take the leap and submit something new, the title field will automatically search for similar posts, so if your idea is already there you can easily find the place to add your own thoughts to the existing discussion!

4 Pingdom_Help_Post

That’s it, come talk to us and be part of the Pingdom family and roadmap.

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