23 awesome license plates for computer geeks

We here at Pingdom are computer geeks, and proud of it. None of us have any geeky vanity plates (custom license plates) on our cars, though. But others have, and we love those. This post is a gallery of pictures of some of the coolest vanity plates we have ever seen, collected from around the Web.

Some of the pictures have explanations, but mostly they are pretty self explanatory.

Enjoy! 🙂

This guy googled his own car

Apparently Google did NOT approve and in the end he didn’t get to keep it. (This happened in Sweden, home of Pingdom.)

Photo by Joakim Jardenberg.

Good, old-fashioned networking

Photo by John C Abell.

But others prefer wireless

Photo by John C Abell.

Could this guy possibly be an Apple fan?

Photo by Darrin Dishong.

A fresh start in life

Photo by wRen.

Leet speak hacker pride

Photo by Erica Douglass.

Is the car Open Source too?

Found over at Oddee.

Someone who’s into graphics

RGBA is the RGB color model (red, green, blue) with added alpha (transparency). It is a common format in the graphics field, used for example in the PNG image format.

Photo by Ori Neidich.

A programmer’s definition of white

#FFFFFF is the hexadecimal color code for white.

Photo by Jon Canady.

Geek Away From Keyboard

Photo by Arnold Sandoval.

The plate every sysadmin wants

Photo by Tony.

Don’t shut down that car

For people not familiar with Windows, Alt-F4 shuts down a program, or Windows itself if no programs are running.

Photo by Brandon Debes.

Geek, and proud of it

Photo by Ripbud.

A PHP programmer hits the road

Photo by John C Abell.

When 32 bits just aren’t enough

Photo by Marc Nozell.

Hopefully he won’t get Syntax Error behind the wheel

Photo by Jon.

Markup fanatic?

Photo by Anirvan.


Photo by Steven Pam.

Someone who likes to talk?

Photo by Dan York.

Geek lover

If this is a woman’s car, did her boyfriend buy it for her (especially the license plate)?
Photo by computationally.intr actable.

Showing some Linux love

Photo by Adam Vandenberg.

More Linux love

Photo by Amarand Agasi.

Dig(g) this bike

Photo by Cybersleeper.

Do you feel that we missed out on an awesome vanity plate you have seen somewhere? Post a link in the comments!


  1. I’ve seen a “/DEV/CAR” plate running around here in NC, as well as “.EXE” (a program car, perhaps?)

  2. Cool collection.

    Just a little tip:

    Sorry if I sound like a smarty pants here – but normally it’s good manners, and helps to avoid prosecution, to ask permission before reproducing other people’s work on your site. Especially if it is clearly marked as “© All rights reserved”.

    I know you’re trying to do the right thing by giving credit and linking back to the original sources, but I’m afraid that doesn’t really count as “asking for permission” 🙂


  3. Pet peeve, but why assume the “geek lover” plate is a woman? I know you said “if” but come on.

    – female geek AND lover-of-geeks

  4. I don’t have a photo handy, but when I lived in NY and now in TX I have “MAC FAN” with an Apple logo on the bumper.

  5. My friend has the license plate “D EV 1337”, which I find incredibly cool! (German, the D represents Duesseldorf).

  6. 2 plates that I see on a regular basis:

    (1) DEBUG — On a VW Bug.
    (2) 69LSDRNR — This one is clever!

    Wish I had pictures to show, I’ll get them one of these days.

  7. No pic, but a friend with a silver Saturn Ion has a plate reading “AG PLUS”. He had to explain it to me: AG+ is a silver ion.

  8. I have a friend who’s plate says 101010, which is binary for 42. He’s a programmer geek and loves Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! 🙂

  9. No pic, but i have 2718282 on my mercedes E class. Math nerds would appreciate that one. My other car has 31415926 🙂

  10. I knew a guy that had MC68000 on his acura.

    I also remember seeing one at an Exodus datacenter in El Segundo that said “setuid.” I thought that was cute.

  11. One number plate that did cause quite a stir in the UK was L1 NUX. There have also been some wild valuations flying about for the number plate V1 STA. Both are road legal plates here in the UK.

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