When geeks and graffiti combine

There is a lot of geeky graffiti out there. Some are just scribbles on a wall (programmer art being as it is), and some definitely qualify as artwork.

It’s no secret that we here at Pingdom are geeks ourselves, and we had a “geek graffiti collection marathon” the other night where we found some really cool pictures from around the world. We have narrowed it down to 13 pictures, all with some relation to IT or the internet, that we thought we would share with you in this post.

PHP coder + too much beer

Beer and PHP
Picture courtesy of CoffeeBucket

If nothing else, it’s proof that geeks drink other things than just Jolt Cola and Mountain Dew. This was scribbled on a wall in the men’s toilet in a bar in Australia.

404 – Grate not found

404 Grate not found
Picture courtesy of Spinfist

This picture was taken on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. A lovely spoof on the HTTP 404 error we all know and hate. (Since Pingdom is a website monitoring service, of course we couldn’t resist including this one. 🙂 )

Please wait… and wait, and wait, and wait.

Wait on a wall
Picture courtesy of Couch media.

Yes, we’re waiting, but the **** thing isn’t moving!

USB baby

USB baby
Picture courtesy of Ideacat

Do they also come with Ethernet and Wireless?

It’s LOVE, in binary

Binary love
Picture courtesy of Ideacat

Ok, so it doesn’t say LOVE. It says AMOR, Spanish for love.

SQL runes

SQl runes
Picture courtesy of cjbj

We’re based in Sweden, home of the Vikings, so of course we like runes! Especially when they are as geeky as these. Given the SQL theme, it should come as no big surprise that these carvings were found on the Oracle campus.

Who would ever need more than 640k?

640k is all you need
Picture courtesy of The waving cat

Based on the famous quote by Bill Gates (which apparently never happened).

Linux on Windows, literally

Linux on Windows
Picture courtesy of Trevor Attridge

Someone really doesn’t like Windows. Considering how much Windows advertising there exists, this Linux guy has his work cut out for him.

Techs vs. No-techs

Tech vs no tech
Picture courtesy of Drain

We thought this one was funny. Techs vs. No-techs. The West Side Story of Silicon Valley?

Zoom in on this wall

Zoom in on wall
Picture courtesy of Skunkadelic

Found in Berlin. Geeks are (luckily enough) found everywhere. Which the following pic clearly shows.

Political protest, geek style

Geek style political protest
Picture courtesy of Filippo Minelli

This is the West Bank wall in Palestine. Someone wishes for a reboot.

Geek poetry

Internet poetry
Picture courtesy of Vanz

Isn’t that a thing of beauty? Metaphors all over the place in this geek style poetry.

Self irony

Only popular on the internet
Picture courtesy of the Wooster Collective

Self irony? Or truth? Who knows. Klingatron at least seems to be a real artist, based in Glasgow, Scotland. He even has a website.

Hope you liked these pictures as much as we did.


  1. I love the ‘404’ message on a grate. I used to work for a start-up that went into a death spiral and left a smoking crater. On the way down, the employees found out that our 401(k) contributions were being kept by the company. In the angry meeting that ensued, some of the technies started referring to their “404(k) accounts”. The CFO never really did get the joke.

  2. I either want an infinite loop on my gravestone or a date() function output of the dates or some function of both combined somehow. I feel like I need to write it soon b/c I have a bad cold today 🙁

  3. The ‘spencer’ one is Banksy, I doubt he’d go to palestine just to paint on a fence! He uses spray paint anyway!

  4. I think you misunderstood the 404 one — the grate is there, it’s the GRASS that is missing. A rectangular plot of dirt in a the middle of a lawn obviously implies that that grass tile has failed to download.

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