Two outages for LinkedIn

The social network site LinkedIn had two hour-long outages last week, one on Thursday and one on Sunday.

The first outage

The first outage, on November 13 at 10:06 p.m. EST, lasted 1 hour and five minutes. According to a message displayed on the website the downtime was due to planned maintenance.

During this time, the website returned a HTTP 500 server error (meaning “internal server error”) and a page with the message, “LinkedIn is currently unavailable while we make upgrades to improve our service to you. We’ll return around 8:00pm (PT) November 13th, 2008.”

The second outage

The second outage, on November 16 at 02:21 a.m. EST, lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The reason for this second period of downtime is unclear since the website did not respond at all. All connections timed out. This could have been due to a network error or some other internal problem at LinkedIn, or it was indeed due to more maintenance (although without a status page available to the public). If anyone knows what happened, please let us know in the comments.

So far in 2008…

We have written about LinkedIn’s occasional availability issues in the past. So far in 2008, the LinkedIn website has had a total of 37 hours of downtime, the equivalent of 99.52% uptime.

The data in this article comes from Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service.


  1. Linkedin is out today yet again (Dec. 23, 2008) as it has been, more or less, for last few weeks (at least whenever I tried to access it …).

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