Airline had extended system outage

The Australian airline Jetstar suffered from an extended system outage on Sunday. The outage brought the check-in system offline, forcing Jetstar to switch to manual check-ins which caused significant delays for its passengers all over Australia.

According to Sky News, the outage lasted for about two-and-a-half hours, though it would take overnight work to fully restore the system and have everything on schedule Monday morning.

Aside from the widespread delays, ten flights had to be cancelled completely due to the outage.

The outage was apparently caused by a power surge at the Telstra exchange, where Jetstar’s systems are hosted.


  1. Aargh! JetStar. If we have a poll on the airline web sites that have the **MOST** downtime, JetStar would be somewhere up there. They have frequent online sales, and some mega sales every now and then. They would pre-announce those sales, but very few can access them as their site would be DEAD even before the sale starts. Every Single Time.

    You’ll think that an airline company would have budgeted some spare cycles for redundancy and scalability, especially after eager visitors have already crashed their site multiple times. Apparently not the case…

  2. @Scott: Really, their website gets overwhelmed every time they have a big sale? That’s definitely not good in that case (and not for Jetstar either, they’d be losing sales!).

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